whats new pussy catWe have moved house! Now our internet is up and running, I am super happy to be back with you. The move went well and we already love it here, it’s all we hoped for, bad backs and sore hands all round after a morning of filling a lorry in sleet and then an afternoon dragging all our possessions out of the lorry (in possibly the coldest wind yet)! Huge thanks to our friends and family who were absolute troopers and if we ever move again, we promise to use a removal service!

Here are just a couple of snaps and a few words, none of the house yet as it needs some time and tlc to get it photo worthy! Needless to say I have a table covered with paint charts and scrap books all providing inspiration and so much excitement inside I could burst. The cats, scared at first, are now getting into trouble,  watching the garden with wide eyes and skating around on the laminate floors (only a matter of time before we peel them back)!

We have what seems like a huge back yard, (not even a window box at the apartment) that is slowly coming to life as Spring teases us with it’s arrival everyday. Drumroll please as on the one sunny day last weekend-I weeded! Yep have a bramble thorn in my finger and a vase of cheery daffodils to prove it.

The wild coastline and cliff egde nature reserve are only minutes away and the sound of sea and birds is all around. We have traded street lamps for twinkling starlight and town hustle for rabbits and neighbours that actually say hi!

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around to watch this new life of ours unfold xxx

  • http://theoldmilkcan.wordpress.com/ Charlotte

    How beautifully you described your delight – I especially enjoyed the gardening discovery. Happy new home to you and I (along with many others) look forward to photographs.

  • http://www.juliasbookbag.com/ Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR NEW SPACE!!!! congratulations!!!!

  • http://www.kostbaremomenten.nl Pauline

    lots of happiness in your new home.

  • http://www.secretsofabutterfly.typepad.com Kat

    Yay! I am delighted that you have the home you have been after for so long and especially with that lovely size garden. Look forward to sharing all your decorating and gardening as it springs forth.
    I like that …leaving the hustle of town for the wild rabbits ;)
    Oh and I want to send you a little house warming gift so can you drop me a line with your new address when you have a spare moment hun
    Love & blessings kat x

  • http://www.thereedwarbler.blogspot.nl Anita

    Good luck in your new home!!
    Anita x

  • lynn

    So thrilled for you, all the exciting things you will have in your mind for your lovely cosy home. Wishing you every happiness xxxx
    Big Hugs
    Lynn xxx

  • http://www.sarah-janedownthelane.blogspot.com Sarah-jane down the lane

    Yay! Happy new Home -x-
    Oh the joy of being somewhere you have been longing to be…so happy for you…
    Sarah -x-

  • http://textileandink.blogspot.co.uk/ Emma M

    Hello Jeska, I’ve been quietly admiring your blog from afar for a while – congratulations on the move and I look forward to seeing how you transform the new place!

  • http://www.anknelandburblets.com Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets

    Oh! How wonderful!
    I’m not so sure about the alsation by the gate for the cats?
    So brilliant to be out in nature – I am excited for you and look forward to hearing your adventures!!

  • http://acatfromlondon.wordpress.com A Cat From London

    Have a happy, healty life in your new home with your cats!

  • http://Josiecrafter.co.uk Josie Crafter

    Hello lovely Jeska!
    I’ve just had a few moments catching up on your blog posts. It’s lovely to hear your excitement back in your blogging voice. There’s so much wonderful creativity to look forward to as you unfold the life of your new home. Sending you love and big hugs for the new adventure!