1960's sideboard loveA little sideboard fun with Mrs Eliot books this morning. I love rediscovering treasure from when I started blogging so long ago, being online so much, with so many things to inspire and pull you in different directions, I have mislaid many links and pages that I enjoy, so it was a real treat when the name Mrs Eliot popped into my head the other day and I found Francesca’s shop again, filled with lovely things including these sweet prints of retro sideboards all with their own personalities. Love this postcard set too!

  • http://www.bttoh.com Lauren

    Great idea for a feature, love this!


  • http://dailydecorum.net/ Justyna

    Jeska I love these! They are beautiful prints and also give me a great idea about organising my sideboard display.

    Thanks for sharing!