mantle trimmed with pinkPink details Hello you, the wanderer returns, in between crazy busy days and nights we have been staying with family out of town, so when I have been able to pop home an explosion of pink and glitter has happened. My spell of not being able to create has been broken and I have been getting back to making things for upcoming birthday parties, christmas and new years.
Book inspirationI hunted out all my favourite books for inspiration, and with two glitter dusted cats by my side, got to work making New Years Eve party hats and some decorations for a christmas market that will be happening on the 1st of December in Hastings Old Town. I thought I’d get all the pink mayhem out of the way before I attempt a rustic christmas mantle and decorations. There may be no tree this year as we will be away for most days of the festive season and I’m pretty sure it will just end up being be a 6ft glass bauble smashing playground for two naughty tigers while we are out during the days!
Paper frillsMantle StylingI love choosing a colour theme and then hunting all around the house for pretty bits and pieces that will fit in, from pictures for a mood board to vintage jewellery that can be dismantled for craft projects.
pink inspiration mood BoardHandmade party hatsSince being inspired by this lovely post over at Oh Happy day My new favourite thing is making crepe and tissue paper ruffles, I also found lots of short scraps of lace and ribbon perfect for trimming the edges of these paper hats. Just hoping I don’t loose my mojo!
Handmade party hats detailsPink craft Supplies

  • Charlotte

    I love those party hats! So much better than the generic store bought ones. Glad to see you back, I’ve missed your inspiring and visually delightful posting :)

  • Angela

    Beautiful! Definitely been thinking of how to incorporate pinks and pastels into winter designs/fashion.

  • Jessica

    This is sheer gorgeousness!

  • Jessica

    Ps. I quite like the idea of glitter kittens prancing around :)

  • Luca (Sesame and Lilly)

    Darling,I don’t think there is any fear that you of all people could loose your mojo! Gorgeous as ever! I want one of those hats to wear just for even doing the washing up!xx

  • Sarah
  • Tamizn

    Love it all I have a beady eye on one of those hats! x x


    This post is so incredibly gorgeous!!!!!!!

  • found and sewn

    Love, love, love all this pink!

  • Kat

    Just having a nice catch up on the posts I missed while I had to be absent. I guess that’s one advantage – I get to come back and see lots in one go ;)
    Loving the pinks here. I’d be in heaven to have a big crafting session with you.
    Love kat x


    What books are they ,that you say are your inspiration ? 3rd picture down. this post is lovely so colourful. xx