Jokkmokk forest Swedish LaplandHello March! I am not quite ready to accept Spring yet, so I will continue with another one of our snowy adventures from Northern Sweden today. I told a little white lie, this post was going to be all my tips and links for amazing things to see and do in Swedish Lapland – but the afternoon we spent with Eva Gunnare was so magical it had to have a post all to itself.Jokkmokk forest Swedish LaplandDelicate flakes of snow had started to fall when we met Eva at the Ajtte Museum. I had a cup of hot chocolate to warm my paws and then we followed Eva through the forest to visit her home. We walked through and under the tall straight pines with only the sound of fresh snow being crushed softly underfoot.Eva Gunnare Swedish Lapland food creatorOn our walk, we learned about local traditions and events, tasted some home-baked crackers made with pine bark and made fresh tracks in the snow. As we followed Eva further into the oldest part of the forest I fell quite in love with her cape! It was so beautiful and made by a locally based designer.Eva Gunnare Swedish Lapland food creatorWe spoke about foraging for seasonal plants and berries and took a little walk around Lappstan – the area in which Eva lives, that was built specifically for reindeer herders in the 1950’s. Eva Gunnare Swedish Lapland food creatorAll the houses had cosy lights glowing in the windows, skis leaning against the porches and layers of foot thick white snow on the rooftops.Eva Gunnare Swedish Lapland food creatorOnce inside we sat down to drink herbal tea – we tried a few of Eva’s different home blended flavour combinations and discussed the bounty of ingredients she sources from all over Sweden. She holds all different kinds of classes that teach and share unique taste experiences with an emphasis on wild flavours. On top of the flavour party that was happening in our mouths, we were fascinated by all the fine details on her collection of hand carved spoons and scoops.Eva Gunnare Swedish Lapland food creatorAmongst other things we drank Meadowsweet cordial, tasted preserved wild angelica (my favourite, I really regret not bringing any home), birch infused crispbreads, chocolate truffles with Rowan berries and cloudberry fruit ribbons.Eva Gunnare Swedish Lapland food creatorAfter a very special couple of hours, it was time for us to leave our wonderful hostess and make our way back to our hotel, we walked out of the forest and along the tree line at the edge of the frozen lake towards our hotel sparkling in the distance.Frozen lake in jokkmokk swedish laplandIf you visit Jokkmokk be sure to see if you can join in on one of the taster courses – it was such a magical experience, I can’t recommend it enough. Click the following links to read part I and part II of our trip. Hope to see you tomorrow! xJokkmokk Mittens

  • I’m definitely ready for spring now, but your trip has inspired me to take a proper wintery holiday next year! Looks magical xx

    • You so should Hollie – It was even more amazing than I imagined! :)

  • Ah Jeska i just love the photos – Lapland looks magical beyond belief! It’s definitely up there as one of the places i’d just love to visit one day and this has only made me want to go even more!!!!

    Thank you for sharing xxxx

  • Eva Gunnare

    Nice to meet you in my home in Jokkmokk! I can send you some angelica if you want to – just send me your adress. Have a happy spring – here it keeps on snowing…

    • Thank you Eva! Still snowing – wow!! So good to have you visit me here – our afternoon at your home was one of our favourite stops on the whole trip, and thank you so much for the gift of some Angelica that would be magic! I will email you and we will send you something made in the UK :)

      • Eva Gunnare

        That’s sounds great! I’m just now off to Stockholm to give some taste shows at the Wilderness Travel Fair. Nice to visit the big city but I know I will long home to my cosy house experimenting in my kitchen the way I like it ;)

        • Have a great time and don’t work too hard, I just know all the people will fall in love with your flavours! Not long and you’ll be cosy at home again :)