Hastens heritage workmanshipHappy Friday! I don’t know about you, but over the last couple of weeks sleep has been quite the luxury for us! Most evenings working until one or two in the morning and then getting up at seven am. Running our own business is super fun, but can be exhausting at times. So when sleep experts, Hästens – yes the ones that have been hand making those stunning blue check beds since 1852 – and that I have coveted for a long while, said they would shares their 10 tips on how you can create an environment that can result in a better quality of sleep, I was pretty excited! Keep reading to get your winter snooze on.

People sleep for approximately one third of their lives – (although it feels like we are only getting a quarter just lately). Imagine that. You spend perhaps 25 years of your life in bed, far away from the everyday world around you. But don’t think of that as wasted time. The expression “to sleep your life away” is entirely wrong. You sleep for your life.

Good rest is necessary for you to stay healthy and for wellbeing during the two thirds of your life that you are awake. The more comfortable and relaxing those hours are, the better it is for your immune system, your healing power, your memory and learning power, your heart, your sense of humour and your overall physical well-being. Indeed, research has shown that a number of life giving bodily processes benefit from a good night’s sleep.

The husband needs to take note here, as he is the worst for burning the candle at both ends and although I am a cheerful person most of the time I do notice a change of mood when I haven’t had enough sleep!Hastens industrial style Bedroom1. Block out the light: Since you’re aware of the smallest of lights, even when your eyes are closed, it’s important to block out any light that may creep in during the hours of daylight. Light sets off processes within your body which make you wake up, affecting your quality of life.
2. Invest in bedside furniture: A nightstand, placed on each side of your bed will help provide a subconscious sense of balance while getting to sleep. Each side of bed should be a mirror of the other, including lampshades and decorative furniture.
3. Avoid having a TV: Take the time to wind down before going to bed. Even though you may think that you are relaxing, depending on the programme you are watching, it can cause mental stress. Your bedroom should be a place of relaxing and sleeping.
4. Pick the right colour scheme: Your bedroom is your very own personal space, so make sure you choose colours that you love. Neutral and cooler tones work best when looking to relax, however warm reds and oranges can also help you feel comfortable and cosy.Hastens Bed elle decor5. Place your bed: Among all the paint pots and dust protectors, where your bed is going to fit is usually the last thing on your mind. However, choosing its placement wisely can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep. Depending on your space options, try to place your bed away from the door, with the headboard set against a wall to get a sense of stability.
6. Organise mess: Any mess in your bedroom can cause a cluttered mind too, which may prevent you from getting to sleep peacefully. Clear away any clutter, particularly any that you can see when lying on your bed.
7. Keep temperatures cool: Your bedroom should be cool – ideally between 14°C and 18°C. In many cases, people struggle to get to sleep because most beds heat up from your body temperature and prevent your body from relaxing and falling asleep.
8. Remove anything work related: Having desks and computers in your eye line while lying in bed can make you feel like you’re constantly working and can prevent you from switching off. Try to keep your bedroom free from the stresses of your work life and better your quality of sleep.Cosy wood burner in bedroom9. Pick the right bed sheets: Find bed linen, duvet and pillows that can isolate heat and moisture to prevent you from having a restless sleep. Natural materials combined in optimised layers build a good ventilation system and will help ensure your body keeps you fresh and dry. Don’t forget to choose the right colouring to complement your colour scheme too!
10. Choose the right bed for you: This is one of most important decisions for the quality of your sleep and this is a long time investment. Regardless if you go for a continental bed or a frame bed you need to try them out. Take your time, relax and feel how your body releases tension from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. A perfect bed will give you optimal comfort regardless if you are a back, side or chest sleeper. In order to have your spine in a straight line position, your bed must be able to carry the impact from your body weight which is normally differently proportioned in your upper and lower body.

I don’t know about you but, I am feeling more relaxed already, and knowing that we do at least half of these things at home, gives me hope of many sound nights sleep to come! Will you take on these simple tips to create a sleeping environment that can improve your health and wellbeing? For more information and good advice visit Hästens.

I couldn’t resist this last pic from the Hästens Christmas campaign, stay cosy!Hastens Christmas

Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with Hästens – all opinions are my own.

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