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Beautiful Airbnb in suffolk in suffolkSummer is definitely finished and the wellies are back out, yay (for larking about in wellies, not the cold). This delightful home from home I am sharing today is perfect for wellington based pursuits as it is right on the coast, near to woodlands and lots of outdoorsy walks. We recently discovered this hideaway on the Suffolk coast in Boyton. You can find it here on Airbnb, it is a dreamy little light filled place hidden down a quiet lane.Autumn in suffolkThe Old Reading Room is light, airy and decorated with handmade baskets, fair trade rugs and layers of linens and blankets. We were visiting with one of our lovely suppliers for The Future Kept and this is their amazing annexe.Beautiful Airbnb in suffolkI have been wanting to come over this way for ages as I have never visited Suffolk before, the coastline is sweeping and the towns and villages are so pretty. We loved our hosts foraged foliage springing out of the handblown glass vase on the table and enjoyed sinking into their comfy sofa for a nap.Beautiful Airbnb in suffolkWe have also had a pilgrimage to Pump Street Bakery in mind ever since we started stocking their amazing chocolate over in the store when we first opened 4 years ago! So when we were visiting in the next town over it seemed like destiny had arrived at last. After our four year wait to finally get to this legendary place it didn’t disappoint, the queue was long and filled with anticipation and the Baguette made with sourdough was THE best I have ever eaten.Sunny suffolk gardenI didn’t take any photos of the bakery as I was too excited to eat my loaf and jam but we took a stroll around the town of Orford to take it all in. There are lots of beautiful houses, pretty gardens and a bustling community.Orford, SuffolkBeautiful Airbnb in suffolkBeautiful Airbnb in suffolk in suffolkBack in the Old Reading Room, the sun shines in all different angles throughout the day and we fell in love with this amazing handwoven vetiver root basket on the windowsill. Beautiful Airbnb in suffolkWe loved staying here, so I thought if you were ever over this way and looking for a place to stay you might just love this. On a final note – I cannot believe my dahlia bath is empty and over again for another year, it has been a splendid season. Have a great weekend!Autumn dahlia

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