Celine desk at CaseKeeping my eyes peeled for interior decor that will keep the husband happy whilst pleasing my eyes too, I have discovered Case Furniture, established in 2006, Case created a collection of furniture to promote the idea that great design should be available to everyone. Working with some of the worlds’ best furniture designers they have created a collection which is not only beautifully designed but great value for money. I was not sure if I should share my knowledge about this site as I can just see all my battered antiques sail out of the front door only to be replaced with nods to mid century modern in every corner. But I wouldn’t be too upset as I am a huge fan of this style myself.

After much deliberating we have nearly nailed our design for the new living space. With the addition of a flight of stairs in the lounge leading to a master bedroom above, I hope to create a neat open office space (unlike my chaotic floral frenzy) underneath where my husband can work from home. He has understated tastes and is not one for clutter, all he asks for is a surface for his laptop, a drawer for keeping drawing and designing equipment in and a shelf for papers or files. How do we co-exist I hear you say, remarkably well it seems!

Enter the Celine desk by Nazanin Kamali with dainty proportions and a slim hidden drawer this desk is perfect for a tight space but minimalist enough to suit my modern man. I am pretty sure I saw another enthused couple pawing over the very same desk in Liberty’s yesterday.

Nazanin is a postgraduate of The Royal College of Art (1989-1991) where she studied furniture design and after graduation worked as a successful freelance designer working on a variety of design projects ranging from restaurant design to art installations. Early collaboration in her career saw her work with brands such as Habitat and Harvey Nichols to name just a couple and currently she is the creative director and designer at INK, designing and supplying retailers such as The Conran Shop, Heals, Crate & Barrel (a favourite of ours to visit when in NYC) and Marks & Spencer.

It’s no wonder her timeless designs are so successful, these pieces have a beautiful simplicity and function that are sometimes overlooked in this modern world where gadgets, sheen and colour take over. Simple lines that clearly please both masculine and ladylike tastes, they are modern and stand out but can also blend in with any style, wether you are a minimalist neat freak, mid century modern enthusiast or an eclectic gatherer like me.

I have seen the Celine desk a few times on different websites and in magazines, so although I wasn’t aware of it’s creator until now, it has been quietly calling to us like a siren from afar.

Okinami Round table and Loop Mirror

Above are a couple of other designs by Nazanin that caught my eye, the Oki-Nami round table and chairs that can take centre stage or tuck neatly away in a corner and the Loop wall Mirror, a perfect solution to keeping my unruly cats off the dressing table and knocking everything on the floor!

“This is my entry into Case Furniture Contemporary Blogging Competition. Find out more at: http://casefurniture.co.uk/


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  • Case Furniture
    September 26, 2013

    Hi Jeska

    It’s so interesting to read the different points of view people have and the desk is a great seller so you are not alone in loving it. And indeed it is in Liberty so you would’ve spied it there.

    Glad you like Case and good luck in the judging of the competition.