Bounce Cortile 594 VinylOur floorboards are very beautiful and rustic but believe me when I say I have had quite enough of splinters and antique nails sticking in my feet and catching on my woolly socks. Many a moment has been spent reminiscing about my old apartment and the super soft bouncy carpet we had underfoot – yep bare feet. No slippers were necessary there, but rigger boots seem more appropriate here! So for anyone else in the same predicament I just had to share these new images from Carpetright.Linear Silkstone and Noah BedframeBounce Cortile 594 VinylThey have used their carpet, vinyl and rug ranges to create some beautiful and stylish interiors. I am swaying more and more towards a vinyl or rubber floor in our kitchen and bathroom as they are so much easier to keep clean, our kitchen now has horrible tiles that have moved and become uneven, and in the bathroom I am not a fan of getting on my hands and knees to clean the decade old grout! So a continuous surface to easily keep clean would be a welcomed change.Floorgrip Sand 596 VinylWestend Muscat 326533rt2Kensington Loft White 505 Laminate and Balmoral Cream RugI am a great fan of all these muted colours, they fit in with my L&S palette perfectly but our house has taken a turn for the more bohemian over the last few years, (it was always going to happen – it’s how I grew up) so we love to mix our greys and pales with rustic finishes and rugs in our living space. If you sway toward warmer rustic colours these mixed with eclectic interior decor below bring a bit of sunny Californian style to your interior. Casablanca BlackCarousel Twist Turquoise CarpetI am suddenly in love with this orange and blue! For the more demure, rusts, plants and ethnic patterns bring warmth and cosy feel to a living space. Cosier than a gale that is now whistling up from under our lounge floor! Are you a carpet or bare boards type? I think I would enjoy a mixture throughout the house – for the best of both worlds.Atlas Carmargue Rio RustAll images Carpetright.

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