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Lobster and swan bedroomHey and happy Monday to you, sorry for going dark, we have been in Wales with no wifi! I am not taking on so many promotional posts these days as I am getting this blog back to a more personal space and having a whole world of fun running our online store, but every now and then an opportunity arises that is just too good to turn down, and I think ending my days of lower back pain is a pretty good reason to team up with a brand! So when Leesa offered me a chance to try their mattress just as our needed replacing (make that 3 years ago – it’s now soft, cloud-like and painful to get up off), I said yes please, how quick can you get one here?! Leesa Mattress Five days later we were sleeping on it. The mattress arrived conveniently delivered in a box that was only four feet tall by twelve inches square. What, how? Folded and rolled in plastic with all the air suctioned out, that’s how! I managed to easily guide it out of the box and wrapper all by myself – yep you just sit there with your feet up husband. I popped the box and wrapping out with the recycling and feeling very pleased with myself, leant the Leesa up against the wall to properly expand to size for twenty-four hours. Then I joyfully dragged our old mattress out into the hallway and made the switch. I managed to snap these photos before Marlo ran in from the garden with her muddy paws – she absolutely LOVES bed cover changing day, and getting under the new sheets before I pin them down!Leesa Mattress We all fear change but I do love my beauty sleep. So, I can’t think why we have been suffering the slouchy ways of our old mattress for so long. Leesa ‘Beautifully crafted and designed with a luxury feel that meets the needs of all types of sleepers’ – that’s what they say – I thought I would be the judge of that and I will admit half of me was fearing I wouldn’t like it, having always had a traditional mattress before. But I really am so very happy with the nights I have slept on it so far.Lobster and swan bedroomAnother fear was that the husband would be too hot (he has a tropical body heat especially at night) and the Leesa is made from three different layers of high-quality foam. But the info says it ‘delivers cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep’. Brilliantly – it’s all as promised and he is absolutely fine, cooler if anything, and his recently injured back – I over worked him in the yard last weekend – is feeling much better too.Lobster and swan bedroomMy honest feedback and believe me I’d be brutal, (I love my sleep) – we are both beyond happy with it. We are both sleeping easier and more comfotably on this mattress, it is suportive and firm – but cosy. Getting up is easier and for me getting out of bed is way less painful. With free delivery on all orders and a 100-night risk-free trial you really have nothing to lose! Plus my favourite bit of the whole event – For every ten mattresses Leesa sell, they give one to a charitable organisation :)

How easy do you sleep? Do you need an upgrade for the space you spend a third of your life in??  If so, the lovely folks at Leesa are offering you peeps a happy £50 off any mattress order. Click here to try it out. Sleep easy!

  • Eleanor Rae Nickerson-Smith
    May 2, 2016

    Ooh, this is the second really positive review of these mattresses I’ve seen recently, and as our current one is DREADFUL (as in, it’s caved in on one side and so lumpy that we’re moving house without it next week!) I’ll suggest one of these to my husband. I have a really painful back due to being hyper mobile so good posture while I sleep it vital…yet not currently happening! Thank you for sharing lovely xxx

    • JeskaHearne
      May 3, 2016

      We are so happy with it. Sleeping way better and comfy as heck! Can you tell I am beaming?! :)