Valley Archival PrintHello and welcome on this sunny Tuesday, following on from yesterday, I am sharing a few more details and happy things from our newly decorated bedroom. We decide to keep only the essential and the beautiful in our sleeping space in this house. In our old apartment we had wardrobes and a dressing table and too much more! My clothes were all over the place and to put a stop to it the husband chose a bed with a low foot end (so no draping or cardigan discarding for me anymore) and built us a walk in dressing room, this new way of waking up to calm every morning is very nice. Giant Whale ArtSo we have chairs for bedside tables – beautiful and useful, a few new prints for the walls in muted colours including these two pictured at the top (they are at the framers today) from the fantastic painter Jeremy Miranda, and above this gorgeous big painted whale is bought from my friend Rose at Butlers Emporium, her clever partner has made a handful of these and each one is hand painted and unique. I fell in love with him as I passed Butlers shop window, and rushed inside to get him to hang above our bed, he makes me feel happy with his gentle face watching over us while we sleep. Moss Terrarium with a campsite insideFor something living we discovered a collection of amazing little scenes inside terrariums, built in vintage jars and made by the brilliant Trinkets & Treasure at Snoopers Attic in Brighton (if you haven’t been in before, I know you will love this twinkling lace filled attic with a collective of artists and their work, such a magical shop). We chose one called weekend away and inside there is a tiny camping scene, complete with fire, tent and a stag passing through.Trinkets and treasures brightonWe have also gathered together our favourite succulents and cacti, but they are waiting in the wings to be repotted and then displayed on some old silver metal bakery shelves we found in a junk yard.Antique shop hunting in HastingsAnother picture of my £2 pottery bowl as I am so in love with it’s ochre and blue pattern, I am using it as a necklace tidy – keeping on the husbands good side! Next week I hope to be able to share some pictures of our dressing room as it is almost finished. But for now it’s goodbye from me and mr whale xHand Painted Whale

  • Penny
    January 14, 2014

    I love your whale x

    • Jeska
      January 15, 2014

      Isn’t he lovely!

  • Sally
    January 17, 2014

    I really like the idea of a kindly whale looking over you. He’s great!