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Don’t mind me, I might be in raptures for this whole post. I can barely contain my happiness and excitement, we finally booked our dream weekend in the South of France (it’s the first time I’ve made it down this way) at the wonderful – Camellas Lloret in Montréal. You might remember my post (two years ago!) when I first discovered the place via Architectural Digest and fell in love. The two years since I posted have flown by in a blur but at last, we booked a long weekend in the rustic garden apartment at CL for some early summer R&R. Our drive down from Toulouse was filled with wildflowers, hot sunshine and fields upon fields of beautiful onion flowers all towering up from the soil.I have way too many photos to share so I thought I’d save the sightseeing tour and local discoveries for another post later in the week – and share lots from this – the house of our dreams today. Stepping off the street and through the gates of this wonderful home from home into Annie and Colin’s magical world is the best feeling. I managed to contain my inner squeals of joy (I think, I hope!) whilst Annie showed us around and after we had squirrelled away our cases and cameras for the evening – drank iced Rosé under the sun shades with our host and the other guests.

The tranquillity here is beyond anything I have felt away from home for ages. The gardens high walls protect you from the elements and any outside bustle, the pale walls and shutters reflecting the light that dances on them all around and down below soothing muted greens and scented plants are nestled in every nook. It was so nice to walk across the stone filled courtyard each day, as the sound reminded us of our garden at home. We embraced our freedom from the usual daily responsibilities, romping about the countryside in search of wild cherries and flowers, walking around dusty abandoned towns in the bleaching sun and whizzing past historical landmarks. Our only serious task each day – the search for a delicious lunch and dinner. With organic local produce plentiful, knocking up quick salads each day in our apartments small but perfectly formed kitchen was a delight. I won’t go on too much as the place speaks in magical whispers all for itself through the hundreds of photos we took. Just think layers of whites on white, velvet, muted pinks, beautifully chaotic roses, jasmine and herbs growing all around the place, gorgeously scented bath products and linen and more linen. Making for a bright and fresh but calming stay in any one of the beautiful rooms. We did manage to get a peek into most of the other rooms too whilst waiting for new folks to arrive, along with a look around Annie’s lovely shop. There are lovely secrets that are fun to discover as a guest, so I have kept some of them to myself in the hope you will find out for yourself if you take a trip down this way. Just don’t wait too long as the creative folks Annie and Colin are hatching exciting plans for new adventures and are now only taking bookings until the end of September this year. One final great thing – all the stacks of back issues of World of Interiors and lifestyle books that a styling and homes obsessed visitor like me could wish for. I reread all my favourite articles and took notes on some titles to buy while Dean enjoyed the roll top bath.Thanks for making this the BEST weekend of our year so far (and the nudge to get here) – Annie, if you hadn’t of reminded us, we would have stayed on our roller coaster schedule and missed you! This place is just so special and we feel so privileged to have been able to spend a few days here, soaking up all the soothing magic.

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