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Pink Room DesignsOkay so B is the goal, we want that, He says that, I know that, heck even you by now know that! But A comes so naturally to me, keeping it contained inside me and a 7 x 10 foot room is going to be a challenge for sure. We have all the elements for B to become a reality and for anything extra our boot fair and junk shop sensors are always on high alert, because another good thing is that this look is easily achieved on a budget. Masculine room designYet some how a floral throw or an opulent lampshade sails past my eyes and I’m bewitched. Before you know it there is something completely undermining the masculine style ethic we have worked so hard to pull together. Is it a disease? Is there a cure? Can I be sent somewhere to have the chintz and vintage lace thrashed out of me? Or can we learn to live with the combination af A&B=C?Feminine and masculine interiorLooking closely I already am aware that C is clearly a step too far over my side of the line. Oh dear. This is going to be tough.

Look out for my 247 yard sale that will be posted up here soon, where all florals, eiderdowns, pinks, china and frills will be selling to the highest bidder.

Images A from here and here. B from here and here. C from here and here xxx

  • Ellya Brill
    April 26, 2013

    Hi Jeska,
    A+B=C is definitely you! I always love, pastel, frills, flowers, & lace. But really! It is not fair for the Mr. And I can feel his pain clearly. I am sure you can pull the combination of masculine and feminine effortless chic, beautiful and feminine for us ladies. And I love that not too girly not to manly either. Can’t wait to see your new home.

    Hugs from the Big Apple,

  • Melissa@Julia's Bookbag
    April 26, 2013

    ha ha ha! my husband and i have struggled with this over the yrs. I used to be really girly, and would be so again, left to my own devices. but over the yrs, i’ve warmed to a more modern look. i actually somewhat prefer it now! I can’t wait to see what you and your husband create…..

  • found and sewn
    April 27, 2013

    I think ‘C’ is a great look….you surely need a bit of chintz, lace and pink!!

  • Delovelyish
    April 28, 2013

    I feel your pain. I really, really do. Luckily, my fella has resigned himself to a philosophy he likes to call, “The garage is for the man, the house is for the woman.” I do try to behave, but somehow our bedroom has ended up being a space that prompted one friend to comment, “How does Matt feel about sleeping in here?!” Sigh.

  • Emma M
    April 28, 2013

    Oh, I understand this! When I lived alone my house was really girly, now my home is much more pared back and simple, like B. Love both the images for C though, especially those drawers in the picture on the left…

  • My Love Wedding Ring
    April 28, 2013

    It is a hard call! I do like C, though think the gorgeous chair in A would be pretty hard to give up on…

  • Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets
    April 29, 2013

    Ha! I so get that.

    I have a Pinterest board for our new house (next year) which is all white. Is that ever really going to happen? I want it to. I know that.

    But what about the red sofa? And all the art?
    Maybe we’re not that far off really. You are right – it’s the final touches that make or break the chosen theme.

  • Kat
    April 30, 2013

    First off if you’re selling your florals and frills then I’m camping outside for the yard sale!
    Second, I think C is a compromise that is by no means a step too far over your line, you can’t be expected to contain all the girly-ness after all ;) you might burst!
    I really don’t think B alone, is enough of you. It’s a bit, well, sparse and uncheerful.
    Kat x