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HP Sprout garden collage JournalHappy Monday, how was your weekend? Mine was super fun – I made a mini movie! Keep reading to see what I created with some paper elements and a handful of frilly spring blooms on Sprout by HP. The office has been a hive of activity all week and is now filled with happy spring colours to boot.Scanning 3d objects with the Sprout by HPI have been enjoying more ‘Record the Day’ style digital collaging in the mornings. Looking through all my photos remembering all the fun my sister and I had when we were in our grandparent’s gardens – all that fun is still happening in my life, but now I am all grown up, instead of building camps and birds nest from fern leaves – I have to maintain the garden and go climbing up trees to retrieve our cats!HP Sprout garden collage JournalIt has been great fun to combine modern, real and vintage elements to create pages like my old analogue journals. Paper, flowers, fabric and photos. I could lose many weekends creating whole story books this way – from real and digitally captured items, below are my favourite pictures and memories from my childhood.HP Sprout collaged garden journal coverMy granny (on my dad’s side) was my best friend when I was a child, I used to spend all the time I could, visiting at her and my granddad at their country cottage. Now she lives quite far away but we have convinced her to move back here, wahoo! HP Sprout collaged garden journal cover GrandparentsHere they are above – my childhood heroes and heroines, they made magic for us on the weekends – I have dressed my Grandmas in floral print Liberty fabric (why the heck not), my granddads seemed just fine in their smart shirts. Garden activities form the layers behind – bird watching, seed gathering and collecting flowers to press.HP Sprout collaged garden journal cover meCrawling through bushes, hiding under hedges and shrubs, cutting fresh flowers, growing herbs from seeds and taking them home for my mum (on one occasion enough curly parsley to stuff a pillow)! But in my pictures, the imaginary and real are all rolled into one. How about a giant radish to provide shade from the summer sun? I would have loved one of those as a child. I may have read Alice in Wonderland too many times.HP Sprout collaged garden journal TamzinMy younger sister here, with her favourite doll under her arm and the cutest socks and boots. We had a little garden chalet with leaded windows just like this one above that we shared as our Wendy house, (just googled why they were called ‘Wendy houses’ – another amazing childhood story). When they showed us it I think I might have cried – we were so excited it belonged to us.HP Sprout collaged garden journal growing seedsThis project has brought back so many happy memories, it’s been great to combine physical and digital crafting together in one space. I have had the chance to forget everything else for a few hours each week and get lost in creativity, teaching myself new things. As well as the digital collaging I experimented with the stop motion capture app. Some days I was definitely out of my comfort zone but that is why I took on the challenge of using Sprout, without it I would have never tried to make my own mini film! Do have a little watch below – I have named it late bloomer :) HP Sprout garden collage JournalThanks for joining me on my little technology adventure – I hope you liked the mini movie – I cannot wait to try another stop motion idea and improve my film-making skills! You can read part I and II of this series here and here. Have a magical and creative week. This post is a creative collaboration with HP. They loaned me the Sprout – I did the rest! :)HP Sprout Stop motion capture

  • Foxtail and Finch
    February 29, 2016

    The movie is amazing!!! I hope you plan on making more!

    • JeskaHearne
      February 29, 2016

      Thank you! Not too bad for a first try! :)