Botanical inspired interiors I hope you are enjoying all the planty posts here – because they are just going to keep on coming!! Spring and summer are such amazing seasons with everything coming alive and colour blooming everywhere. Now I am an avid gardener in learning, I can’t contain the overwhelming joy green spaces bring to me. Today’s slice of nature inspired happiness dropped on my door mat in the form of the beautiful new book – Botanical Style by Selina Lake.Botanical inspired interiors Full of lush leafy interiors, inside we discover the ingredients that create a dreamy green interior – exploring antique botanical prints and artworks, flower stalls, potting sheds, greenhouses, houseplants and fresh ideas to ‘transform your home into a leafy haven’.Botanical inspired interiors Covering spaces indoors and out five green styles are depicted – Vintage Botanicals, Boho Botanicals, Industrial Botanicals, Natural Botanicals and Tropical Botanicals. As you can imagine from the few pictures shared here – each chapter is an inspiring delight. Just look at that courtyard!Botanical inspired interiors I love all the bohemian and hothouse style interiors as that is what our home now leans towards – but equally – how gorgeous do a few layered floral prints and living plants look in a white space? They really fill a room with life – and Katy’s bedroom below is so bright and dreamy.Botanical inspired interiors From salvaged museum specimen cases and bold leafy prints for those who prefer their green interiors to be low maintenance – to cacti, palm trees and jungle style potted plants for those of us that have now decided to give a good chunk our daily lives to caring for all the magic Mother Nature can throw at us. Indoors, outdoors green all around. Botanical inspired interiors Alongside Rachel Whitings stunning images, you will find imaginative DIY Makes and insightful tips that will inspire you to create green layers, tones and a big or small jungle ambience in your own home. By far my favourite of all Selina’s books – Botanical Style by Selina Lake, published by Ryland Peters & Small, photography by Rachel Whiting © Ryland Peters & Small.Botanical Style Book cover

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