West Elm LondonA few weeks ago we found the perfect bed online and was so upset when I realised it was in the US and not shipping to England. We have been sleeping on our mattress on the floor for a couple of weeks as we are selling our old iron bed frame and have been scouring the entire country and internet for a bed that we like. We are looking for a wooden frame this time and it has to fit in a modest room and a specific place. Tall order. But then the stars intervened and I was invited to the West Elm London store opening preview. They were coming to the UK, but would they be stocking some of the same furniture too?? Wednesday we were up early and on the road to beat the traffic and be in London by 9am to find out!West Elm LondonWe were greeted by the lovely Jess and warmed up with pastries and hot coffee, while excitedly waiting for our tour of the beautifully styled store to start with West Elm‘s Creative Director Vanessa Holden. Walking thorough the various settings, West Elm Market – a place hang out and to stock up on favourite foods, beauty products, household necessities and maybe grab some breakfast, then on through to the seasonal section with trees all decorated in different themes. All the while chomping at the bit to get down stairs and see what furniture ranges they were stocking.West Elm LondonI was first down and could hardly contain myself when I saw that the bed was there, but my husband was at the back of the group so I had to wait to catch his smile when he saw it. The tour continued on and we discovered collaborations with local artisans and UK designers as well as beautiful dinnerware made with Potter’s Workshop, a collective of South African artists known for their signature bead-like patterns. West Elm LondonWe both loved some of the cleverly designed home-wares and pieces of furniture, like the Brendan Raven Hill Dustbin that incorporates a dust pan and magnetic brush and the Rustic Storage Coffee Table (a genius idea for messy makers like me that live alongside neat freaks like my husband)! I also loved the collection of pure silk Sarah Campbell cushions embellished with sequins in golds and silver. West Elm LondonI loved the different sections of the store and all its stylish displays, I especially loved the design hub where you can take your inspiration and ideas to one of the super friendly and knowledgable staff where they will help you with your interior design questions big or small. We had a great morning, I grabbed a delightful Geranium + Ivy candle and we bought the bed! Making us West Elm London’s first customers – cue cheesy insta grin! The rest of the day was spent hunting down all the brightest biggest Christmas trees and a seasonal ritual visit to Ladurée x

  • Mr Yen
    December 6, 2013

    That bed looks amazing – I love the grey covers on it too :)

  • Delovelyish
    December 8, 2013

    It’s so much fun reading all my favourite British blogs and seeing all the IG posts as you folks get to discover West Elm! It really is a brilliant shop with gorgeous, affordable EVERYTHING. I love that bed– toyed with getting it for our room in either the white or black– and I can’t wait to see how you style it up in your new home.

  • Vie
    December 11, 2013

    The rustic coffee table with storage is brilliant, what a fantastic idea! The bed covers are also nice, something I need to get in the new year. Some nice inspirational ideas, thanks.