Hello, sorry for the long silence, we had a full on grouting, fixing, cleaning and painting weekend, making the bathroom all shiny and new and finishing off those niggling things around the house that you just learn to live with. With this first weekend of June being a washout it was clearly the right time to stay indoors and sort things, then yesterday I went on a chinese food pilgrimage with a friend, eating too much and bringing back half of Wing Yip with me. I hope you had a good weekend and your plans didn’t get rained off?Anyway the pictures, the pictures, I know it supposed to be all about the beds, but I just love the new range of rugs from The Sleep room. The colours are delicate and muted, they somehow look softly worn and oh so welcoming to step on. Just the kind of thing I will be looking for if we can buy a new home with visible floorboards.Must go out now and poster up the Old Town for the Posh Jumble sale on Saturday, very excited but have a feeling I may buy more than I sell this time?!

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