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Apple blossom in May Our apple tree hasn’t had any blossom on it for three years! I was about to give up hope and then this spring it has bloomed better than ever before. I have waited patiently since the tiniest buds started to appear in February for them to burst open. Hoping it would be blossom not just leaves that appeared and when we spotted the first few dots of pink it was a happy day.Apple blossom in May This post is an ode to my favourite blossom, I love the pink and white together. Such a beautiful deep pink, that fades as the petal age and finally flutter away on the May breeze. Knowing that with these flowers come apples – another favourite seasonal sight in autumn – makes them even more magical. A hopeful sight in spring and a warming spiced cup in autumn.Apple blossom in May Now the blossom has all but gone now, covering our lawn in pale speckles like wedding confetti.Apple blossom in May Apple blossom in May From modest cottage gardens to historic cider orchards, below you’ll find my top five places to see apple trees in bloom around the UK. Be sure to add them to your calendar for next spring!
Apple blossom in May Apple blossom in MayThe mini orchard and cottage garden at Monks House – East Sussex.
Twenty types of apple, including many heritage varieties at Acorn Bank in Cumbria.
The old cider orchards dating back to the 19th century at Barrington Court in Somerset.
Ornamental garden orchard and a recently-planted traditional orchard at Sissinghurst in Kent.
The historic orchard with heritage apples and pear trees at Fenton House & Garden in London.

Apple blossom in May Happy Monday and happy flower hunting! xApple blossom in May Apple blossom in May

  • Anki Bhoye
    May 15, 2017

    These look so beautiful, flowers are my favorite part of the beautiful nature and these bunches certainly say why so. Really pretty, now I envy you.

  • lizzie smith
    May 16, 2017

    feel very lucky to live near Acorn Bank!! i’ve been there several times and it’s always beautiful!!

  • Beach Hut Cook
    May 17, 2017

    Apple tree wood smells divine on the woodburner! I am thinking shavings of this must make the most delicious smoking base. Elinor x