Home Office DesignSo repairs, garden maintenance, the husbands absence (he’s back now), and foul weather (still), have halted our decorating plans. We are having fun just settling in to our new home, trying to relax and get to know our new space. What we do know is that we love it here already, but there is so much to do we are just trying to plan where to start. With lots of behind the scenes boring but essential stuff to do before the decoration can begin, I have had time to doubt and freak out about the initial bright paint idea for my home office.Home Office DesignAlthough I find it unsettling to go back on a decision, with time on my hands, I have been gathering more inspiration over at Pinterest, and I am getting more and more drawn to Pale spaces again, wondering if some coral accents would work better, maybe the inside of a cabinet painted in a bright tropical colour or my box files recovered, and then there is the option for incorporating  wallpaper. I love these from Designers Guild above.Home Office DesignWith a few more weeks to think before any transforming can happen I am sure it will all fall into place and I hope I can still find a spot for that Jigsaw cushion! I have so many colourful things in my workspace that with a strong wall colour it may just be too much? I am desperate to share some progress with you, but I think it will be a while yet.

All the above images and links to the original sources can be found on my Home Office board over at Pinterest! Wallpaper samples from Designers Guild here and here.

  • Luca (Sesame and Lilly)
    May 14, 2013

    I knew you would change your mind hahaha!

    I loved the thought of the coral for you, but love the highlight idea much more lovely, and ADORE the wallpapers- i need in my life! xx

  • Tiffany Grant-Riley
    May 14, 2013

    We’re in exactly the same position and it’s driving me nuts. Having moved from a small house we owned to a larger house we now rent, we’re in desperate need of more furniture and yet limited to exactly what we’re allowed to do to the house itself.
    I’ve been dying to do a house tour/show what we’ve got so far but with every room lacking furniture/shelving space and needing a lick of paint I’m holding off too and keep changing my mind! I do look forward to seeing your new office space though when you’re ready and hope to share mine too ;) x

  • sofia
    May 17, 2013

    Love love the first office :) Gorgeous; simple but with character. Love that second wallpaper it would go great with some pales like you said, coral, mint green :) beautiful and inspiring!

  • Emma M
    May 17, 2013

    Love the idea of colour highlights. My own workspace is mostly white, with splashes of red and duck egg blue, and I must say I’m happy with it. It never feels overwhelming or distracting and it’s easy to change (I change my mind a lot!)

    I’m sure that, whatever you choose, it will look fantastic – looking forward to seeing some of teh results