Handmade ChristmasHello and happy Monday to you. We had a lovely weekend, in Rye on Saturday and Hastings Old Town on Sunday, soaking up some December sunshine and spoiling ourselves by eating breakfast out two days in a row. We scoured all the antique and junk shops for bedside tables, I found a bargain £7.50 number that is just having a paint job, so I will share more when it is finally ready to be seen. Only two more nights of sleeping on the floor and we should have our new bed to go with it, I am so excited! Handmade ChristmasHandmade ChristmasI also picked up this set of vintage hand painted baubles, I am not sure if they are actually Russian but they remind me of Matryoshka dolls and two of them have autumn fruits within the designs, I just couldn’t walk away and leave them in the shop window.Handmade ChristmasThe mermaids hanging up are greetings cards I made for the craft fair, I like the idea of a festive theme with a seaside twist and I always wanted to be a mermaid when I was a little girl. So from some antique paper, a little dusting of glitter and some vintage lace here and there, these glistening sea sirens were created. I used  this lovely template, as my body proportion drawing skills are beyond rubbish, life drawing classes at college did not benefit me any!Handmade ChristmasHandmade Christmas

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