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SONY Short Throw ProjectorHappy midweek, today I wanted to share our latest film watching revelation with you. You might have seen some glimpses of the Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector over on my Instagram stories a week or so ago? This little cutie has made movie nights at home amazing! I am not into techy things or gadgets as you must know by now (clearly born in the wrong era). We have no toaster, no microwave, no television and no DVD player and only a modest music stereo. But – we do love to watch films and a good TV series now and then. Watching Netflix on the laptop and ruining my posture is over – read on for my review and top 10 films and programmes to watch on the big screen at home.Autumn living vibesWe have been looking at projectors for years, wishing we had the space to set one up, but then always got put off by the rolling out of a screen and having to stand the thing on a table or attach it to a wall? Our home is small and we only have a couple of bare walls in the place, so space is limited. I was very generously offered to try out this little guy by the folks over at SONY and we really are beyond happy with it. SONY Short Throw ProjectorIt is so tiny with big sound and images and can be hidden in between all our rustic treasure with no problems. It can literally be placed on a shelf for a regular TV size image (32″) or further away for an image of up to 80″! We found no loss of picture quality with the bigger size picture, almost 5 feet across (over our sideboard see bottom image) and love having home cinema nights in bed now with no neck craning.SONY Short Throw ProjectorAs you can see it has just two small parts (plus cables) and connects to all forms of entertainment from your laptop, Apple TV, Firestick, blu-ray player and more. Thanks to the wireless unit, it can be charged up and easily moved to any room in the house or outside on a dry night if you have a white wall outdoors? Next summers evening entertainment is going to go up a notch! SONY Short Throw ProjectorThe projector turns on when it senses your smartphone is nearby and off when it’s far away*, so you can control the projector from your phone or tablet with the dedicated app. Meaning you can choose what to watch with just a few swipes of your thumb, projecting everything – from your favourite holiday photos to home movies and TV shows. *If on standby – we turn all our plugs off when not in use! Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector AppHere are some finer details for non-tech folk like me – it is super quiet due to the perforated body and inner fan that helps the projector stay cool and we don’t notice the sound at all when it’s on. The built-in speakers (two tiny 25mm Bass Reflex Speakers delivering powerful low frequencies & xLOUD technology lets you turn up the volume without any loss of quality) are exactly what we want from a home movie watching experience. Cosy winter movie nightsWe have been enjoying all our favourite films and shows larger than life over the last couple of weeks (see my top ten below), but you can project all types of content as a poster which expands continuously. You can share large-scale images from your social media (it also has beautiful built-in screen savers and travel photography see below) or project useful information on to your wall with various different style clocks, weather apps, and more.Sony Portable Projector slide showCosy Autumn movie nightsMy top ten things to watch on the big screen for a cosy fireside autumn or winter evening are –

1 – The Edge of Love – harsh romance & cardigan joy.
2 – Anne With An E – period drama and interiors heaven.
3 – Stranger Things – 80’s style creepy.
4 – I Capture the Castle – scenery happiness.
5 – The Duchess – costume dreams.
6 – Blue Planet – amazing nature and wonder.
7 – Labor Day –  Winslet & Brolin.
8 – The Cider House Rules – classic adaptation.
9 – Anything with Fred & Ginger – Dancing dancing dancing ;)
10 – It’s a Wonderful Life – you know, it’s that time of year!SONY Short Throw ProjectorSONY Short Throw ProjectorWe really are happy with the projector, it is just what I had hoped and more. I am not one for change and too much modern style living but this somehow mixes my old dreams with new technology. It is so easy to use and the beautifully simple design and discreet sizing mean we can tuck it away when not in use – or actually barely notice it if we don’t! I have always wanted to be able to project old movies onto our walls at home and have relished an hour an evening by the fire or in bed with a good film.SONY Short Throw ProjectorSONY Short Throw ProjectorThis an unpaid product review collaboration, SONY generously gifted us the Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector and I did the rest! All opinions my own, if we didn’t genuinely love and recommend this item – we would have returned it and no review would have been posted. Happy movie night! :) xxx

  • Besma | Curiously Conscious
    November 16, 2017

    You have such a sweet set up! A rustic home and inconspicuous tech… Lovely.

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

  • Melanie
    November 17, 2017

    Love it so much. Perfect photos. Have also always wanted to project movies… Having the big projector up for Leo’s 40th was such good fun. Will check it out xx