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Gilt Soap Dish


ello and happy Monday to you! Over on Instagram last week you might have spied my gilt oyster shell desk tidy? If you did, I think you will like this craft tutorial post and if you didn’t I hope you will too! It was grey and raining for days on end. So to cheer myself up I whipped up an easy desk tidy DIY to add some golden sparkle to my work space on days when the sun is nowhere to be seen. Before I get engrossed in gilding, how do you like my new blog look? It took a lot longer than expected but I am super pleased with the logo and layout, please feel free to a look around while you are here.

You can paint it all over or just in places for a distressed look, depending on how much gold you want in you life. I went for full coverage because I love it!

Shell Desk Tidy DiySupplies –
Gold Leaf – I have real gold and imitation from Gold Leaf Supplies
Gold size – I used Annie Sloan from Rigby & Mac
2 Paint Brushes – 1 for the size and 1 for brushing over the gold leaf
A jar of warm water
Kitchen towel for any spills and to dry your brush after washing.Applying Gold LeafGold leaf how toStart by painting the gold size over the surface of the shell. You can paint it all over or just in places for a distressed look, depending on how much gold you want in you life. I went for full coverage because I love it!

When you paint it on, the size appears to have a lilac shimmer. Remember to wash your brush out as soon as you are done and dry it on kitchen towel, so it doesn’t get all gummed up! Let it dry for between 5-15 minutes until the colour has disappeared and the surface is slightly tacky. Take a sheet of your gold leaf and lay it over the surface of the shell. Be prepared to catch it, as it is very delicate and does tend to float away with the slightest breeze or movement!Easy gold leaf DIYApplying Gold LeafWith a dry brush, gently smooth the gold leaf over the shell and dab it into any creases. Use smaller pieces of gold leaf to go over any parts that have been missed, and brush away any excess flakes of gold as you go.Gilding how to Repeat the process around just the inside edge of the shell to add a gold highlight. I smoothed it down in places with my finger and then brushed over with a rougher paint brush so it was more worn in places for a more aged look.  How to apply gold leafThat’s all there is to it, now let it dry off for a few more minutes and then fill with all those bits and bobs, like pins, pegs and paperclips that are useful close at hand, but always seem to get lost in desk drawers. I covered a second super sized oyster shell, that I had earmarked for a soap dish, so the bathroom is all shiny too!Shell soap dish DIYShell soap dish DIYI am super pleased with these, so I hope you like the idea too, be sure to let me know here, or over on Instagram if you give it a go. xGilt shell soap dishInspiration board

  • Redlilocks
    July 18, 2014

    Oh my gold lovin’ heart adores these! I have some gold leaf around somewhere – need to give this a go, so pretty! xx

    • JeskaHearne
      July 18, 2014

      Yay. Do it! I may end up living in a whole world of gold hehe x

  • Sarah @ Classic Bride
    March 17, 2015

    I’ve been thinking about painting a few oyster shells but this seems like a far prettier idea! Hmmm…

    • JeskaHearne
      March 17, 2015

      They do look fab and tarnish in a really lovely way over time too :)