Vintage picture crafts DIYThe sun has been shining brightly and after the major plant out in the front garden (still haven’t collated the pics sorry), I spent a couple of hours in the shade of our home office. Making use of some empty miniature rum bottles that have been kicking around the kitchen, I made these mini vases to hang up in the bedroom. See below for my quick and easy craft tutorial.Vintage photo craftsAll you need is a few small bottles, odd numbers is best so three or five, some garden twine for hanging, a handful of vintage photos, double sided tape and a hammer and hook to hang them up.Vintage photo craftsCut the pictures to size, then fix them to the outside of the bottles. I used some strong double sided tape. Cut different lengths of jute twine and then tie a knot at the top. Then as if you were threading a price tag, loop the string through itself and secure it underneath the wider top of the bottles. Tiny glass vaseVintage photo craftsVintage picture craftsKnock a nail or picture hook into the wall – this is my favourite bit – much to my husbands distress as he has to go around filling all the holes I make in the walls! Then hang up the bottles with the pictures facing forwards. If you are going to put fresh flowers in them, fill with water before hanging.Tiny glass vaseI also tied some white cotton lengths to tiny gold star sequins, then washi taped them above the vases to make the curtain of stars you see twinkling here.Vintage picture craftsI bought a new rose for our garden and had to have some of the blooms by my bedside. As it is a small shrub the stems are quite short and perfect for these little vases. The beautiful petals are striped and speckled in pink and white like raspberry ripple ice cream, I’m in love! In the other bottles are elder blossom and grasses. Now, I’d better get back outside, the husband thinks I am mad to be indoors on a day as lovely as this, happy making! xTiny glass vaseVintage photo crafts

  • Julie
    June 6, 2014

    Love it!!

  • Candy Pop
    June 6, 2014