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five seasons of jam - Lillie O'BrienFive seasons of Jam – I was super excited when I learnt Lillie O’Brien the owner of LBJ had a beautiful recipe book coming out. Known for her unique pairings of seasonal fruit with ‘harmonious botanicals’, Lillie runs London Borough of Jam, a local institution on Chatsworth Rd and the only dedicated jam shop in London. I popped in there a couple of years ago to grab some jam on the recommendation of Angela from Botany and it was bloody lovely.five seasons of jam - Lillie O'BrienBeautifully understated with photographs of ingredients, process and producers in a documentary style by Elena Heatherwick, Five Seasons of Jam is no ordinary book about preserving. I love the five chapters (listed below) with emotive seasonal offerings and containing flavours that will inspire us all to be more adventurous in the kitchen when making preserves.

ALIVE/spring- blossoming florals and awakenings
HOT/summer – vivid sweetness
BLUSH/early autumn – smoky warmth and rich spice
BARB/late autumn – robust and bristling
FROST/winter – biting, dark and cosy

five seasons of jam - Lillie O'BrienThis book with take you out adventuring in the wilds of Scotland on the hunt for sea buckthorn, seeking mythical and extremely elusive mulberries, visiting ‘pick your own’ farms up and down the country, inspire you to force rhubarb under pots and have you keeping your peepers open for the first cherry blossoms to salt or turn into syrup.

five seasons of jam - Lillie O'BrienMy favourite recipes from each season are – ALIVE – Elderflower and Lovage Bubbles. HOT – Tayberry and Cherry Blossom Jam. BLUSH – Roasted Yellow Peach and Fennel Jam. BARB – Marjorie’s Seedling & Jasmin Tea Jam. FROST – Salted Mandarins and Pink Peppercorns.five seasons of jam - Lillie O'BrienI highly recommend this one if you love a bit of kitchen experimentation and enjoy cooking and sharing what you make with family and friends. Nothing better than the gift of something delicious to spread on a slice of bread!

Five Seasons of Jam by Lillie O’Brien with photography by Elena Heatherwick and Published by Kyle Books.five seasons of jam - Lillie O'Brien

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