jo waterhouse limited edition cushionsI remember discovering the work of printmaker and textile designer Jo Waterhouse first over on Junkaholique back in 2013, where the gorgeous Pehr was nibbling the head of one of Jo’s fish cushions! Jo runs an online shop and designs the products for it’s shelves. Her beautiful and inspiring shop sells editions of printed fabric designs turned into textiles for the home, and the new collection of cushions in their denim and blue colour palette really grabbed my waterhouse limited edition denim cushionThe top image is from the joyous thing that is Jo’s collaboration with the Supermarket Sarah shop, and above are two of those lovely limited edition printed denim cushion cover designs. These new designs come in editions of 6, 9, 10 or 12. Each is labelled inside and numbered and the patterns on the denim are produced by using very lo-fi techniques, like stencils and bleach, so the designs aren’t replicable – and I love them all. jo waterhouse limited edition denim cushionjo waterhouse limited edition denim cushionjo waterhouse nunhead popupAll images Jo Waterhouse. I’ll be back soon with pictures from Sisterhood camp, have a lovely evening! x

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