Sunlit ShantiI am potting up some climbing nasturtiums today and the anticipation of their tiny first leaves appearing out of the soil reminded me of the rambling ones we saw when we stayed on this organic farm in North California, last September. I know you would love it there so much. Untamed and bountiful, the sun was setting when we arrived and rising when we left.Organic NasturtiumsAs we drove up highway 1 towards Mendocino with the sun in our mirror, we turned off at Little River onto the dark tree-lined back road that would lead us to Pegasus Farm. This place is what my garden dreams are made of, hazy sunshine, wild plants and organic food growing out in the hot September sun, with golden grasses, an outdoor chandelier rusting in a tree and plenty of verandas, stoops and decks for sitting on.Pegasus Farm CAWe wandered the grounds, had a picnic supper in the vegetable garden and relaxed with the sounds of insects buzzing around and the breeze rustling the fading leaves in the trees.Wild organic farm Wild organic garden Colour and texture covered every inch of this place and I couldn’t bear to put my camera down until the light had all but faded and my surroundings were no longer visible.Sunlit ShantiBeautifully built out of salvaged redwood, the small and cosy Shanti faces south, looking right over the wild garden and farm – filling up with warmth from the afternoon sun. We arrived on an unusually hot day and if it wasn’t for the calls of wild animals outside, would have slept with the door open – as it was positively tropical inside.Sunlit ShantiPrayer flags floated outside the window and the interior was a bohemian patchwork of antique pieces, pre-loved treasures and art created by the owner.Wild organic gardenSunlit ShantiWild organic garden Dry grass rustling, insects dancing in the fading sun, birds pecking around for seeds and fallen leaves crackling underfoot. This is exactly the vision we have for our own back garden, even down to the fences made with salvaged and rescued wood in all different lengths.Wild organic garden Outdoor chandelierLiving in a bungalow, we have no head room for our chandeliers from the apartment we lived in before. After seeing this above – I am going to hang my favourite one outside from the oak tree to light the path with candle light in the evenings. Not sure how long it will survive the coastal air here, but even with a dash of rust, I am sure it will still be pretty. I can’t wait to see the gilt paint and the crystals shimmering and sparkling in the sun. Wild organic farm Wild organic farm Wild organic farm Pegasus Farm CAWild organic farm Pegasus Farm CAI snapped a couple of photos of the main house on my phone as we loved the whole feel of the place. It felt worn and loved and abandoned and overgrown all at once. Sunlit ShantiSunlit ShantiHave a magical weekend, I hope you have something fun planned. We will hopefully be visiting a botanical garden and getting some sunshine hours. Jeska x  Wild organic garden

  • lizzie smith
    April 7, 2017

    wow absolutely beautiful! i have travelled that coastal highway and would so love to be there now! happy weekend!

    • JeskaHearne
      April 10, 2017

      It’s the best isn’t it?! I want to go back right now too, it feels like a dream x