Using plants for table decorI have minimalist dreams, I love the look of clean lines and open space. But my truth is this. I find too many things inspiring and these images pull ever so strongly, on my heart strings. They are all pages from the new book – Decorating with Plants by Satoshi Kawamoto. Isn’t this dining table all kinds of magic with it’s mixture of ceramics, worn linen and all those beautiful, wild looking stems?Using plants for table decorHere we have the same table with a more Autumnal palette. Satoshi is a garden stylist and the creative director of Green Fingers – a chain of stores in Tokyo and New York. Where customers are encouraged to transform their homes and workspaces with greenery and enrich their everyday lives with unusual flora and fauna. I am feeling enriched already just looking at these aren’t you? I have become quite the plant collector myself over the last year, so I am excited to learn a few more tricks for displaying my new green fronded friends.How to style with plants indoorsThroughout the pages of his book, Satoshi guides us through the rooms in the home. Taking indoor plants, succulents, dried, preserved and artificial flowers, then mixing them with driftwood and other flotsam, to create beautiful and unexpected interiors. I adore his styling, it is almost as if the plants own the home and are welcoming guests in to cohabit with them.How to style with plants indoorsMoss, ferns and autumn leaves are all used like valuable jewels in the rooms, the plants mingle together, draping and flowing throughout the spaces. The dining table settings really are my favourites. The renovations are going quite slowly here, so I truly cannot wait until we can sit up a table and eat with some plants as our dinner guests. This book has a real personal feel, a bit like a journal with doodles and notes here and there, and it is packed with so much inspiration for all seasons and occasions.How to style with plants indoorsDecorating with Plants by Satoshi Kawamoto officially hit the shelves on 16th October and is published by Jacqui Small

  • Meg
    October 23, 2014

    Photos are certainly inspiring! Just wondering, is the focus on the book about styling or selection and care of houseplants. I’m looking for a good book on houseplants that relishes the aesthetic as well as the informative aspects of growing inside ;-)

  • EM-K | Rethink Design Studio
    October 29, 2014

    This is definitely on our wish list! Beautiful selections.