perfect bedroom flooringHappy Tuesday to you! The lovely Honey-Suzanne asked me on twitter over the weekend, where the rug was from in my last post –  well it is my solution to stepping out of bed onto the cold bedroom floor problem. It’s from Urbanara, and their collection of fair trade rugs and runners is so beautiful, I could have got one for every room, but somehow stayed controlled and went for this light grey Manu runner for the bedroom. Grey woven rugsWe used to have an old kilim rug that I split in two for each side of the bed, but the cats would come skating in and roll the damn thing up in to a ruffled lumpy mess, so I moved it in to the living room and now they seem to have had enough fun and forgotten it. We painted the floor black in the bedroom and it is a little chilly underfoot, especially in the winter. Every time I get out of bed I dread putting my bare feet on the cold shiny wood, so I started hunting for something soft to put our feet on.perfect bedroom flooringThe bed is only a double so not too wide and I started thinking a runner might be a good idea as it would mean we have half each on our sides of the bed? This one with it’s magic underlay (sold separately but which I 100% recommend) doesn’t ruffle, wrinkle, lift of curl up at the edges hurrah! I don’t think those naughty cats have even noticed it’s there. I think I should invest is some more underlay for that old kilim too.grey woven floor runner It’s more than enough either side of the bed and lovely and warm underfoot. Thought I would share a little my side/his side picture. I also would love one in the hallway – once the place is in a respectable state, remember this patterned one from a while back? I am still swooning over that one. Just noticed there is 15% off the style I chose at the moment too. Here is a link to all the pretty colours it comes in, did you see the Denim and Charcoal versions!Grey woven rugsI had hoped to be here yesterday, but my blog crashed and Monday went a little off the rails, but I stayed calm and did laundry, edited photos, read my favourite independent magazines and generally had a relaxing day for once. While Dean managed to figure out the technical hitch (thank you D). Who knew such a bad starting day could be spent so positively?!Grey woven rugs

  • Charlotte Smith
    July 9, 2015

    Gorgeous as always. What a fab site, just found the perfect runner for my hall. :-)

    • JeskaHearne
      July 10, 2015

      Yay! I love all they sell, it’s a swoon store ;) xxx