Farrow and Ball Decorating with ColourAfternoon! Another rainy and blustery one here. To cheer us up I have some beautifully calming images from the new Farrow and Ball book Decorating with Colour for you today. As you are well aware I’m sure, I am a huge fan of Farrow and Ball paints, their palette of earthy neutrals, greys and traditional colours cannot be beaten. So when I was asked to be part of the book tour I couldn’t wait to get tucked up with a hot cup of honey and ginger and devour all these new pages of inspiration.Farrow and Ball Decorating with ColourWritten by Ros Byam Shaw with stunning photography by Jan Baldwin the pages are filled with pictures from eighteen different locations and divided into three main chapters headed Classical, Country and Contemporary style. The Country section is my favourite and after a few days immersed in this book, I am finding a new appreciation for taupes (Joa’s White) and – husband stop reading now please – faded pinks (setting plaster). Before I was an out and out grey or brilliant white wall addict but living in this chilly house I think these warmer colours would be a stealthy move towards cosy.Farrow and Ball Decorating with ColourFarrow and Ball Decorating with ColourBlue Ground (above left) makes a wonderful backdrop for the gilt frames and patchwork of rich colours the owners of this house have chosen. I am always moving my rooms around, switching up furniture and accessories, so bold wall colours unless very dark charcoal (still up for debate in our house) are not for me, it will always be the neutrals that get me excited as you can see by the pages I picked out to share.
Farrow and Ball Decorating with ColourThey all may seem similar until you look closely and then you find they are -from the top starting with the second image left – New White a rich cream and on the right – Light Grey has a hint of a pale brown. In the third image Dimity has been used and in that light gives a lovely feeling of warm white, below next to Blue Ground is Pointing – a bright ivory, and above is Elephants Breath a soft grey. Are you colour mad or do you err on the side of caution like me?

So if you are a colour addict or eternal lover of all that is pale and interesting this book has it all, modern, traditional, bold and calm. Farrow and Ball Decorating with Colour by Ros Byam Shaw is published by Ryland Peters Small and is available from www.rylandpeters.com.

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