Fat and the moon beauty productsWe were so excited to open our online doors last October – (has it really been almost six months?!) and share all the beautiful and amazing products we found and continue to find from all over the world. The Future Kept is slowly growing, and we love working with all the makers and artisans. So, I hope you’ll enjoy me sharing a little shop talk here from time to time and introducing the lovely people we continue to meet on this journey.

One of the first brands we discovered was that of Rachel Budde of Fat and The Moon, and she is a herbal body care rock star. I know I have mentioned her before, but you will have to forgive me – I have a total crush on her way of life. We love the plant magic she creates so much that we’ve added some more exciting products to the range we carry. From the scent of the lip balms to the powers of the Dream Weaver mist and don’t let me forget the amazing labels, I am head over heels for it all!Fat and the moon all natural deodorant Rachel’s handcrafted, herbal body care products are made with age­old ingredients and recipes passed down from various healing traditions. She crafts simple products that are good for the body, soul and the earth. Most of the herbs used in Fat and the Moon have been home grown on the FATM organic farm and everything is made in small batches from organic ingredients – I would love to spend a weekend there with her making some of the products wouldn’t you?Rachel of Fat and the moon Started as an alternative to the toxic, mass­production body care industry, Fat and the Moon products remain extremely close to their source, and Rachel also carefully considers what her potions live in. Plastic is used sparingly, and all of the packaging is set up to be a joy to reuse and a breeze to recycle. ‘We should take as much care selecting the things we put on our bodies as we do in shopping for the foods we put in them. The goal of Fat and the Moon is to make that a pleasure’. Goal achieved I say!fat and the moon face mistsBelow is a small selection of the FATM products that we have in store, all of which and more you can find over on The Future Kept now, (and in my bathroom and make up bag)! I hope you liked learning a little more about Rachel’s 100% natural plant beauty products, have a wonderful weekend. x fat and the moon all natural beauty products

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