Cosy cooking with RoostInspired meals with sumptuous settings, just a few pictures by the lovely Caitlin of Roost, my featured blog this week. Creating beautiful and tasty meals, firstly for her husband and for stories featured in magazines such as Kinfolk. The Beautiful pages of Roost are filed with soul warming writing, recipes and stunning photography.Cosy cooking with RoostRoost is one of those blogs that when you read it makes you want to try every recipe and bookmark every story. From the kitchen experiments that have led Caitlins’s husband (who suffers with Crohn’s disease) to lead a completely medicine free life, to the stylish interior decorating features showcasing their Alabama home.
Cosy cooking with RoostGet over there now and fill your soul with seasonal joy.

Al images Roost.

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  • Sarah
    November 25, 2012

    Thanks for introducing us to this blog , spending a quiet Sunday afternoon devouring it. As a ‘wheat intolerant’ it’s full of great ideas! Thanks!