Rustic Christmas styling Happy December, where did it go? I think I missed it somehow whilst I was buried under the tonnes of tissue paper and ribbons flying around this place! Somehow, though – I found time to create a festive table in collaboration with Villeroy and Boch. My Christmas afternoon tea table for four.Vintage Christmas table stylingUsing a mix of classic tableware from V&B and some of my all time favourite vintage pieces – plus this bowl from a junk store above – it has berries, people! I got a little festive blair-witch too and made these driftwood cacti holders for each place setting – to accompany each guest’s sweet woodland animal tree decoration favour.Vintage Christmas table stylingThe Miss Desiree champagne flutes are so pretty – don’t you think? Vintage and timeless all at once, just what I have been looking to add to my bar collection, especially now I am partial to a glass of Prosecco or two. I really had to up our glassware game this season after being forced to drink my wine out of a tumbler (or a jar) all year. Don’t worry, I have not turned into a lush – more on that soon.Rustic Christmas styling We love a bit of make do, DIY, upcycle and recycle around here – so a table cloth of slubby linen was made from left over reupholstery projects and the napkins were once going to be a dress – never got made – much better as this incarnation! I love the contrast of crisp white and silver crockery with the traditional fabric and natural coloured fibres.Vintage Christmas table styling Christmas Smoothie Bowl I do always end up eating too much on Christmas day. We nearly always visit at least three houses throughout the day, munching our way around the Kent and East Sussex counties. So, I thought a light afternoon tea with a few special treats and a smoothie bowl packed full of antioxidants and some vital vitamins, would keep us pepped up and going strong into the evening.Christmas Smoothie Bowl Rustic Christmas stylingI love to use up the random liqueurs that seem to end up in our drinks cabinet at the end of each year – this year the Cointreau. I must have bought it to include in a recipe that I only made once – who knows when? Luckily it goes great with a dash of pink grapefruit juice (more vitamins), a splash of sparkling water and some fresh lime – easiest tasty cocktail I have ever made!Christmas afternoon tea Christmas afternoon teaHandmade biscuits, nuts, nibbles and sweet treats scattered around the rest of the table to tide people over, until it’s time for dinner.Rustic Christmas stylingNatural beeswax candles from our shop – (yep we managed to nab a couple of pairs before they flew off to new homes these last few weeks), wave a warm glow over the table. As the natural light faded and the scene required more sparkle – I plugged in my favourite fairy lights on copper wire for a sprinkling of extra light.Rustic Christmas styling Rustic Christmas styling timeless Christmas table timeless Christmas table Just look at these little guys! Our mum has given us a tree decoration every year since we were toddlers. A lovely family tradition that I think is so lovely to carry on. So I love to give something to our guests to take home for their trees at this time of year too. I couldn’t resist this little forest gang, they look so sweet nestled in amongst the foliage, flowers and berries!Vintage Christmas table styling Rustic Christmas styling timeless Christmas table Black Forrest Winter Smoothie Bowl – makes 4 Tea Cups (adapted from this recipe)
In a blender place –
2.5 cups of frozen cherries
1 small punnet of frozen blackberries (keep half in the freezer for decoration)
1 Banana
2 tbs raw cacao nibs
Pinch of coconut chips (unsweetened)
1.5 cups of coconut water
Pinch of Cinnamon

Toasted coconut chips and desiccated coconut (unsweetened)
Cacao nibs
Toasted flaked almonds
Frosted Blackberries
Dusting of Cinnamon

Blend all the smoothie ingredients on full power for 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on your blender power – ours is a beast! Pour into tea cups and decorate with the topping ingredients – I went for regimented lines but you could do swirls if you want to go wild?! Finally, pop a few frozen blackberries on top. I bought fresh blackberries and froze them in advance giving them a shake to keep them separate. Leave them in the freezer while you make the smoothie and pop them on right at the last minute – that way, they get a snow frosted look as they thaw :)Vintage Christmas table styling Christmas Smoothie Bowl timeless Christmas table Christmas table foliage If anyone knows what these delicate little mauve flowers are called – feel free to advise. The lovely Lily at the flower shop did tell me, but I forgot as soon as I left the store, sigh. Anyway, they make a perfectly wispy, living table runner!timeless Christmas table Christmas table foliage timeless Christmas table Phew, I don’t know about you, but I am all cocktail-ed out (for today, wink).
Here is the list of all the items I included on my table from Villeroy and Boch in case you want to know what to search for! Super sweet – Nostalgic Ornaments wood animals set of 4, Crisp and white – Anmut Platinum No.1 Tea cup & saucer and Salad Plates, gorgeous hammered detail Blacksmith cutlery and the Miss Desiree Champagne flute – clink clink! I hope you enjoyed this collab, I have loved working with V&B!timeless Christmas table Vintage Christmas table stylingI wish that cleaning up after a party was always this pretty! Have a magical festive holiday – see you soon! xxxVintage Christmas table styling Merry Christmas window decal

  • Erin Knoll MacMinn
    January 4, 2017

    Looks dreamy!