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Best flower shop in MalmöFancy seeing a few more photos from one of my favourite Malmö shops? I have been saving these shots of Florista Flower Shop for a rainy day and this September Friday is that day.Best flower shop in Malmö - FloristaWhere to buy flowers in MalmöWe have had some dappled sunshine here through the branches of our rain soaked apple tree and cracks in the thunderous clouds. But it’s been dark on the whole and so I need flowers, lots of flowers. Florista is a magical spot if only we had been in the city long enough to fill a basket and take some home.Where to buy flowers in MalmöFilled with jars of unusual blooms and wild flowers, it’s a slice of paradise for flower lovers.Best flower shop in Malmö - Florista With our kitchen almost finished and the bathroom renovation date set finally for mid October, my mind is already wandering to what we will do in the newly clear hallway. Inspired by the dark and moody walls in Florista we are thinking a really dark green or blue?Best flower shop in Malmö - FloristaOriginally we wanted to paint our bedroom dark, but I alway chicken out at the last minute – but the hallway is quite large in comparison to the rest of the house and maybe a dark and dramatic colour will cosy it up? Plus light will flood in from all the other open doors.Best flower shop in Malmö - FloristaBest flower shop in Malmö Best flower shop in MalmöWith the mix of tones in Florista, I am even feeling a little love for a dark brown or maroon?!Florista flower shop MalmoWhile I start obsessing over more wall paint swatches, I’ll let you peek around a little more. Have a great weekend, enjoy the flowers and visit this place if you can! FLORISTA, Kärleksgatan 4, Malmö, Sweden. Malmö city shop love - Florista Malmö city shop love - FloristaFLORISTA, Kärleksgatan 4, Malmö, Sweden. Best flower shop in Malmö - Florista

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