Autumn garden room Every year on the dot, September sneaks up on us and the change in the air is almost instant. Like mother nature has flicked a switch in the clouds. A faint chill slips in and a golden haze starts to shimmer across everything that has been so green and lush. Happily, for me, it’s my favourite time of year. I love summer but am always ready to pull on some woolly socks and as many cardigans as possible. With the change of season, I have been in my little tea shed and started getting it ready for autumn – a transition from sunny lounging spot to cosy reading room. Autumn garden roomSomeone has taken a shine to the deck chairs, now they have been upgraded with blankets and sheepskins. This was when I was figuring out what should go in there. I was extremely excited to switch out all the pink for oranges and gold. Then I just needed to light the place up.William and Watson vintage lightingWe don’t have any power in the garden yet, so I run an extension down here. Using a mix of candle light, fairy lights and some lovely vintage style lamps from William and Watson inside. I have been mourning the impending death of the traditional light bulb for ages. I worked for a lighting retailer for years and when the first eco bulbs came in – all cold blue and fluorescent – I thought it was going to be the end of an era.Tabby catI stock piled glass bulbs like there was no tomorrow – how on earth are your chandeliers supposed to glitter with fluro?! I am still working my way through them conservatively, whilst trying to keep our electricity bills down by hardly ever switching the lights on and using (warm white) energy savers in all our lamps.William and Watson vintage lightingSo you can imagine my joy with the rise of the beautiful vintage style LED filament bulbs. I have been working with W&W to find the cosiest glow for the shed and these energy saving bulbs use only a tenth the energy of a traditional light bulb – with a life expectancy that is about 10 times longer. Beautiful and eco-friendly AND – no cold blue light in sight. Just a golden warm and cosy glow. Now, I think we will switch all our bulbs slowly over to these – as each old one blows.Autumn garden roomI got this little miners style cage shade thingy – so I could hook up the bulb and direct the light. It comes already perfectly pre-rusted! Autumn garden room makeoverThe actual light fitting itself has a shiny copper (yay) lamp holder and twisted brown fabric covered flex – just like antique fittings used to have and I love it! Now, if only that switch could actually transport me back in time. I swear I was not meant to be living in this modern age. There is also a dimmer switch on the cable and a plug so I can move it and use it anywhere indoors or out here. I went for the most powerful bulbs as they only burn a few watts, but gives this lovely bright warm light.William and Watson vintage lightingFolk style interiorsI am even more obsessed with low lighting, frontier style homes and worn out stuff these days, nothing new really – but now we have our own cabin! Have you seen the film Serena? LOVE the house in that movie – and totally obsessed with Hell on Wheels too. Nothing to do with the leading character at all, swoon ;)Folk style interiorsThe mirror has come inside out of the weather to reflect some extra light around the inside of the shed and I have been testing out the bulb on a string in every corner and position. Very versatile as you can tie up the cord to make a loop, lose the shade and go bare bulbed or turn it into a corner and flood the room with just a little glow. Folk style interiorsCandles and wood everywhere – I know I know – we never leave this place alight and unattended.William and Watson vintage lightingThe lovely guys over at William and Watson have given me a code for you sweet peeps – 15% off your entire basket up until to the 30th September. So if you need some gorgeous vintage lighting in your life – get over there and use the code : luckyme at checkout for a discount.Folk styleTabby catWallis saying a hell yes, meow. These two love to shelter in here even more now they have a chair each. Not sure where Dean and I are meant to sit? He also thinks he can commandeer the lamp to light his new shed/workshop? My next post will be filled with even more shed happiness, man style this time. Yes, I’m a nice lady and let him have his own one. Remember sheds are for all year, not just the sunny days. In fact, I think they are even better when used to shelter from the wild weather and cold, dark days.William and Watson vintage lightingCan you spot me in the bulb below? Do swing by Monday if you are up for more indoor/outdoor decor. This post is a happy collaboration with William and Watson – they generously gave me some lighting to play with and a discount for you lovelies. Back soon! x