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London Pg 295 ©Tinko Czetwertynski Have you ever got your hands on an issue of the glorious Cabana? I swept a copy up in my arms on a fleeting dash through Liberty London once and it was a magazine like no other. Celebrating ten issues of the opulent bi-annual magazine, this new book Cabana Anthology features the best photography, interviews and features from its first five years, and offers an eclectic mix of subjects, interiors, objects, and visual essays.Tangier Pg 59 © Miguel Flores-ViannaFrom colourful vignettes to ancient archives, the pages are all differently textured and the covers are all slightly unique, there are dusty corners, decorative patchworks, palatial living and humble folk crafts, collaborative art inserts with painted studies, fashion sketches by Yves Saint Laurent and travel notes. What I have shared here barely scratches the surface of this interiors bible.Florence Pg 234-235 © Fiona Corsini This book is a textural masterpiece of collected features from over the past five years of features. Mark your favourite page with the bright pink ribbon bookmark or slide your own collected imagery inside its pages to add your own layer to this amazing book.Le Midi Pg 340 © Tim Beddow From London to Colorado via Tangier, India and Florence this volume is 488 pages of sheer interiors joy to get lost in. Colorado Pg 278-279 © Miguel Flores-ViannaThe Ralph Lauren ranch feature is a rustic masterpiece, it was in the issue I bought and it is just amazing inside, all wood and layers, collected treasures and cowboy style – I was so glad to see this place made it into the anthology – it will have you craving cabin life in minutes!Santo Domingo Pg 142 © Bjorn Wallander Patterned bathroom happiness in Tangier above and wisteria dreams in London below.Wardington Pg 150 and 158 © Miguel Flores-ViannaIn the words of its author, Cabana Anthology explores the “intellectual and emotional intimacy with buildings and their surroundings…the intense relationship of thought, place and the person. Cabana Anthology is about the magic of atmosphere and aesthetics inspired by the classics and Italian art history, and interiors where old and new are assembled to reflect the soul and history of a person or a family, not a stylist. A simple, yet beautiful tool to inspire and be inspired by”. Wardington Pg 150 and 158 © Miguel Flores-ViannaCabana Anthology by Martina Mondadori Sartogo is published by Vendome Press. Available in all good bookstores and online £75.Cabana Anthology By Martina Mondadori Sartogo

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