Plants for the officeWeird and wonderful, prickly and trailing. I had to count our indoor plants yesterday (fingers crossed) for an upcoming feature in a book. I counted 115. Some days it doesn’t seem that many, other days it feels like there might not be room for us. Especially with our 6ft tall adopted rubber plant towering over me while I take a bath. It has been lodged in the unused shower tray temporarily for now until the kitchen is finished.Plants for the officeWe can’t stop collecting new varieties when we find them, now it’s best for us to avoid places that might be selling plants, just in case we find one that we have been coveting for a while. If sighted – it will definitely end up wrapped in brown paper and on its way to our house of plants!Plants for the officePlants for the officeRemember my post about propagating succulents? Well, it was a good while ago, but this (above) is the crazy jumble of new plants we grew. Half have been potted up and these are still waiting for homes. I quite like the look of them all wild and unruly in this beautiful bowl from Rose & Grey, but I would like somewhere to keep my apples and kiwis again?!Plants for the officeWe often get asked about our plants and cats safely living together, but we haven’t had any problems, they naturally stay away from the ones that are toxic to them. We adopted Wallis and Marlo before collecting all our plants, so they were grown when all the green arrived – it’s a bit more tricky with kittens as they are even more mischievous and inquisitive!Plant filled living space These two have knocked a few pots over and nibbled the ends on our aloe and ferns but paid no interest to any of the others. But if you are worried, my favourite cat-friendly plants are – Ferns, Spider Plants, Zebrina pendula (Wandering Jew), Bamboo and Haworthia succulents.Plant filled living space And yes – we almost have a complete living room! Just need to get some shelves and pictures up on the wall and find a cupboard for all our crockery and extra bits and bobs that will overspill from the modest kitchen. Wallis is enjoying a fireside chair and Marlo has laid claim to the new sofa, not managed to catch the latter while I’ve had my camera out though, so she is absent from these pictures.Tabby cat and plants MCM chair. The perfect cat bed - who knew?!The kitchen still has a way to go (see below) but the end is in sight, hopefully, there will be cups of tea and home baked cake all round by June – a summer party?! Have a wonderful Thursday, I will hopefully be back with some April highlights before the end of the week xGrowing Avocados at home

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  • Marion
    April 25, 2017

    This post made me smile! Love some of your ideas for displaying the plants, specially the vintage cabinet. Also got some tips from your succulent propagating post, thanks! About too try again, hopefully with a bit more luck!