Handmade Beauty by Juliette Goggin and Abi RightonEver fancied trying your hand at natural cosmetics that can be made at home? Handmade Beauty is an inspirational guide to making skincare and haircare products at home. Cosmetic experts Juliette Goggin (now a local living in Hastings town!) and Abi Righton show how, with a few basic materials and some kitchen equipment, you can create simple yet effective beauty recipes with natural ingredients – in the comfort of your own home.Handmade Beauty by Juliette Goggin and Abi RightonBased on Juliette and Abi’s in-depth knowledge of the use of natural products and active ingredients in contemporary skincare, this book is a guide on the latest thinking in natural cosmetics. Plus eco-friendly added bonus of ways to re-use bottles, jars and tubs that you already have at home.Handmade Beauty by Juliette Goggin and Abi RightonThroughout the pages, you will explore the different ingredients, equipment and methods you need to make the cosmetic products. Juliette and Abi will carefully guide you through things like making infusions, and also explain storage and safety. There is so much to read in here. You will learn how to make 37 fun recipes to try for the face, body and hair – plus suggestions for adaptations. Recipes include – face and body scrubs, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, hand creams, lip balms, body butters, bath bombs, foot sprays, shampoos and hair treatments, wow!Handmade Beauty by Juliette Goggin and Abi RightonBelow is a simple recipe I couldn’t wait to try – it sounds so refreshing, almost good enough to drink (but don’t!) – and Juliette kindly agreed to let me share it here. Why not give it a go?! :)

Refreshing, Sparkling Toner with Mint

Refresh and revive the skin with this zesty toner variation, combining oils of spearmint and peppermint with witch hazel, moisturizing glycerine and sparkling water. It’s an excellent ‘pick me up’ to spray on your tired skin on a hot day. The sparkling water gives a natural ‘fizz’ to the toner, making it a true facial ‘spritzer’.

Makes approx. 100ml (3½fl oz)

90ml (6 tbsp) sparkling water
10ml (2 tsp) distilled witch hazel BPC
3ml (½ tsp) glycerine
3 drops spearmint essential oil
3 drops peppermint essential oil
20 drops grapefruit seed extract (as a preservative)

Measure the sparkling water, witch hazel and glycerine into a heatproof jug. Place the jug in a pan of simmering water and heat to 70–80°C (158–176°F). Maintain this temperature for 30 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to cool to 30–40°C (86–104°F), adding the essential oils and preservative as a final step before pouring into a sterilized spray bottle and shaking to mix. Label with the date and ingredients used.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
Keeps for up to 3 months.

Spritz lightly on to clean skin before applying moisturizer. This toner can also be applied during the day, even over make-up, to cool and revive the skin.

Images and recipe extracted from Handmade Beauty: Natural recipes for your face, body and hair by Juliette Goggin and Abi Righton. Photography by Amanda Heywood. Published by Jacqui Small (£20).Handmade Beauty book 2016

  • Lynn Page
    October 15, 2016

    Love this! I make my favourite nail cream from a similar book published many years ago. It was a great investment and can be passed on through the generations xx

  • Rashmi Rao
    October 21, 2016

    Wow! Handmade is always safe too!