The first thing I notice here in Joyce’s bedroom are all the little eyes peeping out from the shelves, dressing table and atop the wardrobe, the smiling eyes of Cupie dolls, an antique doll bust, tiny hand stitched bears and more artworks by Doll Face Design.Then I begin to swoon at the fraying lampshade, the old silk from many years ago wearing thin high above the bed, my eyes dart across to the dressing table that is home to so many beautiful things, a top hat burgeoning with treasure, another shabby tulle scarf forms the lid of this, the most original jewellery box I have ever seen, inside are one off pieces of jewellery handmade by friends, artists or jewellers from an eras past.A millinery block perches at the sinks edge with a collection of old bottles and this sweet little monkey baby rattle is fastened to the first baby bootie worn by one of Joyce’s children when they were a newborn. Old perfume bottles sit on the windowsill surrounded by more jewellery and the flash of green (above) is the delicate layers of ruffled tulle and silk which are a pair of spectacular knickers by Strumpet and pink.A gold velvet bedspread and hot pink over mantle mirror add colour to the overall paleness in this relaxing room, a loved collection of vintage garments and accessories are displayed and on a vintage dress form, a wedding dress (below) has provided inspiration for Joyce’s next interior commission, lavish crushed cream silk curtains that will soon replace temporary ones. On the mantle is a museum worthy gathering of old labels, cotton reels, tins and other fascinating things.So I am sad to say we are almost done, but I did say almost, my next post will be about the rest of the house and how to get the look. See you soon x

  • judith b.
    July 21, 2011

    Really loving this magical house tour, Jeska! I too am sad “we are almost done”!

  • lynn
    July 21, 2011

    Thank you Joyce and Jesska, such wonderful inspiration …Ive been stuck in the house for weeks and this wonderful post over the past few days has made me feel fabulous and inspired (to do what I’m not quite sure but that doesn’t matter)this home is really so original and beautifully under-done you know what I mean… big sigh ….back to my book
    Hugs Lynn xx

  • Nicola
    July 21, 2011

    Joyce’s house looks amazing in your photos,are they published in any magazines ? If so which one,as I’d like to buy it,
    Kindest Regards Nicola

    • Jeska
      July 22, 2011

      they might be soon, I will feature the article here so you know which magazine to buy Nicola!

  • Sarade
    July 22, 2011

    Really intriguing; thanks so much for sharing! There were lots of details to enjoy.