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The discovery of a new species of flower I have never heard of, make do and mend on the allotments and all kinds of wonderful planting styles and plant collections. Hastings Old Town open gardens 2019 was a jolly, sunny affair on a fine July Tuesday.This post is mostly a self-explanatory photo fest, full of all our favourite sights from our morning of (invited) garden snooping, one of my favourite things to do is visit real gardens owned by people like you and me. How folks plant, what they choose, collections of one variety or patchworks of magical things.Gatherings of bonsai trees, mirrors and old fireplaces, a cat or two if we are super lucky and lots and lots of inspiration. I’ll stop waffling now and let you enjoy a peaceful tour. If you want to know more about any of the plants, just ask and I’ll do my best to find out! ;)

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