ROMEOW CAT BISTROTI am beyond excited at today’s interior decor find. It’s a new super fun interior design project by Tommaso Guerra – Romeow Bistrot! WhenTommaso’s email arrived today, I could barely type fast enough to get the post live!!ROMEOW CAT BISTROTThe Romeow Cat Bistrot concept is inspired by the Japanese Neko Cafè and European Cat Cafè, but Valentina and Mauritius have opened up a place in Rome with something more -open from breakfast until after-dinner, Romeow is a bistro that serves sophisticated raw vegan cuisine, cakes and pastries – where six lovely cats roam free!ROMEOW CAT BISTROTRomeow Bistrot CakeExcept for the kitchen and cold cooking lab, that are of course strictly forbidden to animals, their six feline friends can go everywhere in the bistro. As any fellow cat owner will know, our four legged friends like to have fun with objects not intended for them – so Thomas chose to integrate gaming and life spaces for the cats with the ones experienced by people, like in any home. The cats can reach any corner of the bistro via wall hung walkways, made with bookshelves and drawers (that also become rest stations), and they can also climb a four metre high tree!ROMEOW CAT BISTROTI would love a place like this to visit. How great to unwind at the end of the day, or sneak off to at lunch time – away from hectic everyday life, where you can discover a natural and healthy way to eat and also and hang out with some cats! An especially nice idea for those who would like to, but cannot have a cat at home. ROMEOW CAT BISTROTThe pastel colours and mismatched furniture make this a fun place to spend some hours. The traditional style tables and chairs have been painted in colour blocks, and other pops of colour are scattered around it the form of plum coloured cushions, patterned tiles and prints on the walls. With all the fun things for the cats to climb and can perch on, I think my favourite feature is the huge tree in the middle of the place!ROMEOW CAT BISTROTFrom the end of the main room, customers can access the ‘loft’ with a wooden stairway. Up there is a lounge area, where patrons can enjoy smoothies, drinks and snacks. In this additional space, the cats can have a bit more privacy and quiet, even if there are people nearby. This cosy seating area has a gorgeous vintage velvet chair, cushions and suitcases for cats to lounge in. I think my two would love to have a stay here!ROMEOW CAT BISTROTSo, what do you think?! I know there will be some frowners out there, but I am moggy obsessed, and partial to healthy food, so it’s my dream restaurant!

To end this feline friendly post – here are some fun cat facts you might not already know?!

A cat’s mustache, called vibrissae, allows them to perceive small changes in air pressure and obstacles. It is thanks to them, that a cat can navigate in total darkness and perceive the size of small spaces.

The general position of the body, his facial expressions or the movement of its tail, eyes and ears indicate his emotional state.

When frightened or aggressive they pull back their ears.

When scared and wanting to frighten an opponent they raise their hair to appear thicker.

The tail is raised in greeting.

A tail swaying slowly, expresses serenity and fun, tail erect, with only the tip bent on the one hand, is a sign of well-being and pleasure.

The tail rhythmically agitated, sometimes slammed with some force from side to side instead shows nervousness that can turn into aggression.

For more info on Thomas’s interior projects hop over here, and you can peek at the Romeow website here!

All images – Francesco Demichelis.

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