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Life Unstyled by Emily HensonThese wonderful photos I am sharing today were taken by Debi Treloar and are from the gorgeous new book Life Unstyled by Emily Henson. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Emily’s newest book – as I knew it would be filled with imaginative ideas and magical rooms from homes all over the globe. My thirst for awesome interiors is never quite quenched so I hope Emily will write lots more books, she finds the most amazing homes. Modern Rustic is still one of my favourite interior decor books!Life Unstyled by Emily HensonIf you feel bombarded by perfect interiors and images that have been styled to a point that makes them almost unlivable or unobtainable – then this is the book for you. The homes in this book are stunning, worn, cluttered with joy and inspiring to boot. I love this kitchen below and I think you will too. Lived in, open shelved and with useful things close to hand. Unlike some kitchen shots you see – you know these folks love to actualy cook and share a meal.Life Unstyled by Emily HensonThe book sets out Emilly’s manifesto for creating a stylish home that is beautiful but lived in. A home that is never ‘Done’ allows you and your space to evolve slowly and organically – ‘an ever-changing expression of your tastes and interests’.Life Unstyled by Emily HensonIn the section ‘Work with What You’ve Got’ Emily show you ways to make the most of the home you have, rather than wishing a lifetime away with a perfection that could be. Throughout the book, Emily and Debi visit eleven real-life homes that are not perfect ‘yet display incredible style and creativity and reflect their owners’ needs, tastes and style’.Life Unstyled by Emily HensonYou will also find a treasure trove of quick fixes, DIY makes and creative interior solutions in these beautiful pages. Life Unstyled by Emily Henson is published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar © Ryland Peters & Small. Follow the rest of the blog book tour with these lovely folks below – all the rest of this week! :)Life-Unstyled-by-Emily-Henson-8