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Black Living roomSo this happened recently in our living room. We have wanted a black wall for a while now and each time the rollers come out, we’ve stayed safe with white. I thought a dark wall would be a hindrance for interior styling and photography, but it’s actually a great addition to our home!

I have Colour & Paint to thank, as their offer of trying out some of their designer paints gave me the push I needed. I dived right in to their Mr & Mrs Smith City Collection – Chic, bold and contemporary, this collection of strong but sophisticated shades is drawn from the architecture and atmosphere of favourite cities around the world.Retro Living room with black-wallsI have been having great fun, trying out decor combinations against this new dark backdrop, my favourite so far is this casual bar set up above, handy for this time of year and my vintage champagne coupes look extra sparkly! The stems of Chinese lanterns and cotton blooms add a dash of brightness and my retro beauty is very happy hanging above the sideboard from the same era. Black and white imagery, look great collaged over the wall, and the green of plants really stands out, so our many cacti and succulents are being drafted in and out weekly, to switch things up. Which colours do you prefer against the dark?Black interior wallThe colour I chose was Bloomsbury Townhouse. It’s a dark Charcoal – in our room it looks almost black. But if you are not sure about colours you can always try a few with Colour and Paints iPatch – the super cool iPatch is a world first in home colour testing. It is a sheet of real paint with a low-tack backing that can be fixed and peeled off numerous times without cracking, flaking or losing adhesion. It does not cause damage or leave marks, and can be applied to multiple surfaces. You can also chuck one in your bag to take with you to the store for colour matching when picking out fabrics and other room accessories! Plus it means no patchwork colour swipes all over your walls, although we have been rocking that look in our hallway for a while now! x

For the next dark experiment we will trying out this lovely dusky navy in Iris from the Liberty Art Fabrics Wild Flower Collection, can’t wait!

  • MeechieMeeche
    December 15, 2014

    Wow this looks gorgeous! Did you keep the other walls light color or go black for the entire room?

  • Emma Harris
    December 18, 2014

    I love the dark wall, it really is gorgeous! I can’t decide which I prefer the top or the bottom image! x

    • JeskaHearne
      December 18, 2014

      Hello Emma! Yay you are back – are you fixed :) me either that’s why things get moved all week long haha x

  • Colour and Paint
    December 22, 2014

    Looking forward to seeing the Liberty Iris!