instagram by @erichmcvey at firenza flowersThank you all for keeping the #botanicalpickmeup hashtag alive while I have been awol, I have barely kept up with all the joy and inspiration everyone has shared, but please be assured I LOVE all the photos! I have such a hard time choosing just one so picked five this time. The top image was just so magical, the colours, the ladies, the setting. A photo from @firenzaflowers by @erichmcvey I would love to be part of this flower harvesting gang, wouldn’t you?!@nininoes, @peggyandkate, @emilyquinton, and @rebeccadesnosThese four botanical beauties by – @nininoes, @peggyandkate, @emilyquinton, and @rebeccadesnos complete my magic five! May was all things french and DIY chaos (more DIY mayhem to come) and my botanical pick me up post got left behind. So, I am sharing a bumper post of all things green this month including, craft ideas and inspirations for using all kinds of bounty from – Mother Nature.Botanical crafts to try1. If you have hay fever or are a plant killer? Wear your botanicals – Skirt seen over at Atlantic Pacific. 2. Pick up a prickly print from Chloe Hall illustration. 3. Drink edible plants in a digestif tonic – recipe by Traditional Medicinals. 4. Make your bathroom into a tropical indoor jungle ala Anna Potter via Design Sponge. 5. Balloon animals are over – blow up your own plants with Design Improvised! 6. Propagate roses with a potato – this is one of my most exciting discoveries via eHow. A folk-gardening trick that works because the potato keeps the tip of the cutting at the perfect moisture level to develop young roots. 7. Wallpaper a cake! I am quite obsessed with banana leaves these days as is Alana Jones-Mann. 8. soak up the atmosphere of plants and their keepers with a copy of Living With Plants – which we now have over at The Future Kept yay!!

For more botanical craziness to tide you over until next month here a link to my BPMU pinboard xxx

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