Happy Wednesday to you, today I have been perusing the new collections over at Habitat and in particular all these lovely things for kitchens and dining have caught my eye. There were so many lovelies, I gathered my favourites into three colour groups. Mini trends for 2014 maybe – but for me designs I would keep forever or until the husband or I drop something while drying up. Yep we are a dishwasher, microwave, toaster free household! Almost the ‘Barbara and Tom‘ of our village, but we’ve not got any goats or chickens yet! Indigo home accessoriesNow, back to the goods. My love for blue and white china, vintage and new – knows no bounds. I’m sure most of you have noticed it on instagram every now and then. So when I saw the Blot collection I was very excited! With a nod to indigo dying these lovely ceramics have a soft and organic shape and are hand painted with darker, inky decoration. They also compliment wood, adding a rustic country feel to the table.Citrus and ebony dining coloursMy next colour wow was, black and yellow. The unusual geometric design of the Hexa collection mixes well with these stunning marble bowls, plates, two tone mugs and storage. For a bold texture and pattern overload. Some happy summer yellow with a dark side.Glass and water coloured table wareThirdly, these beautiful Etton glasses and jug caught my eye. They reminded me of the first time I visited Habitat in my early twenties. I Fell in love with their designs and went on a spree, buying a whole collection of jewel coloured tumblers for my first kitchen. This water coloured collection of sea-green hues would look perfect in my ‘Charleston’ dream house. I love to drink tea from a shallow but wide cup and I am already imagining sparkling water twinkling inside these glasses out on a sun filled terrace.

One last word, please remember to look after your kitchen utensils and don’t abuse them like in this video!

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