SPREE Black and whiteI have been remembering the good old days this evening, when I had money to burn, on clothes, fun, booze and cigarettes, (I no longer smoke – yay – or can afford to drink!) Late night shopping sprees, trying on clothes until 10pm and trotting home with all the shoes I could carry. These days I stick to window shopping online (safer that way) and spend all the money I have on feathering the nest and travel to and from the cliff top village we live in. Working from home, I end up dressing more like Jesse Pinkman than myself lately so I’m taking back Thursday evenings and gathering some retail sparkle.

Monotype Limited edition Note Book – Bodie & Fou, fell in love with this at the press show Angora Mix Gem and Bead Collar Jumper – Laura Ashley, Black Satin Nail Varnish – Chanel, Fred Large Leather Zip-Up Pouch – Mimi Berry, Rosa Suede Ankle Booty – French Connection, Thyme Customisable Family Tree – Eva Juliet, Cotton and Silk Skirt – Cos, Night Breed Eye Shadow – Nars.

All images from the shops link above x

  • Sweetshade Lane
    October 4, 2013

    Ha! Gotta love Jesse though. :) I’m in withdrawal from the show.

  • Sarah
    October 4, 2013

    Love black and white!