Planting AlpinesI just discovered a new room. The one outside. With not even a window box to our name, 3 small cacti and only one tiny plant on the verge of death as we left the apartment, I was feeling quite intimidated about taking over such large front and back gardens. All I saw on our two viewings was the promise of Hydrangeas, and what we failed to see was the hard work and problems of four types of Bamboo running wild. In fact, I considered hiring a gardener, and was quite uninterested in the upkeep.Pale Garden FlowersBut the first weekend we could get outside, we did little fixes here and there, he built, I pruned. So, as soon as that elusive sunshine showed up last weekend, we got back outside. While the boys dug up the borders and concrete down the sides of the house, I started small, with my favourite new living friends from the Alpine family. I have never properly cared for plants before, obviously I love florals and blooms, pretty colours an’all, but taking care of plants always ended badly, dry soil, drooping flowers and eventually death.Alpine TubPlease welcome the new me, a girl concerned with, soil, grit, and mostly the wellbeing of all these amazing little plants. I can’t believe the stressful feelings I get, just hoping they all survive in the new containers I put them in. Gardeners world is my go to programme, Monty Don my new love, and I am way more excited to be watching Chelsea flower show than ever before.Alpines in the GardenAfter collecting a few alpines,  succulents and one little shrub over the last few weeks, we finally picked up a random collection of pots and pans to move them in to.Designing a Small GardenThis is the little oasis in one corner that has made me very happy, after a back breaking afternoon digging clearing and lopping a forest of Bamboo that is not fit for interent viewing, lets hope it all survives!

  • Brittany - the Home Ground
    May 22, 2013

    Jeska, it’s lovely so far! I love your little collection, they all look so sweet grouped together. We are facing similar challenges in our yard this year, there is much to be done. Hoping to get the rest of the beds prepped this weekend and start planting!

  • Jessica
    May 22, 2013

    I love that big tub container!

  • Charlotte
    May 23, 2013

    Gardens are just an extension of the home – many interior decorators are also landscape designers and vice versa….I can imagine you will go back to your favourite magazines and pour over the cottage garden sections with new vigour (or Pinterest). I’m so excited and happy with you about this new discovery – my garden is what my home cannot be at the moment, a place to decorate and create :) Enjoy and many blessings.

  • Jay
    May 31, 2013

    I’ve never seen that gray/purple little succulent(?) before. Very cute!!