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Lemon Thyme and Ginger BarsWhen the days seem endlessly grey and it’s too cold to stay outdoors for too long or the rain traps you inside. From November to March make other plans, creative plans to soothe your soul, just something small each day or a few times a week. Emma Mitchell’s new book Making Winter is the perfect guide to banish winter blues and embrace the cold hibernation months.five minute chocolate fondant in a mugMaking Winter is filled with delicious recipes and nature diaries, delicate silver jewellery making, paper decorations and crocheted items, with a dash of foraged infusions, and days to celebrate.Croodle - to huddle togetherThis is Emma’s inspired way to alleviate SAD (seasonal affective disorder) with handmaking crafts and inspiring easy ways to be creative. I was lucky enough to get a space on one of Emma’s two-day winter retreats last year and loved willow weaving, jewellery making and learning to crochet. We foraged for the first signs of spring and sipped gin whilst drawing nature finds.Dried flowersPlanting spring bulbs for indoorsInside the book is just like a paper version of the retreat but with even more to inspire you, there are step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs to take you through each project. Experienced artistic types and beginners can enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of a craft-filled winter and the proven idea – that creativity actually, helps to lift your mood.winter watercolours Collected dried flower stemsPracticing watercolours, gathering dried seed heads and grasses, finding favourite poems about the arrival of spring and planting up bulbs for indoor and outdoor displays.Hawthorn wrist warmers - Making WinterI am yet to master crochet without a yarn spirit guide to sit beside me but, Hawthorn Gin and Lemon Thyme and ginger bars are what weekends are made for!Blackberry syrup Blackberry syrup – yes, please! We are lucky to have a wild hedgerow (well I feel lucky – the neighbours might not) in our garden filling up with blackberries and sloes each autumn.Making Winter by Emma MitchellI find dark day inspiration starts appearing all around the place once you are open to it, below is a favourite poem about the arrival of spring by William Wordsworth, that I discovered when I picked up this book for a styling project in the Lake District a couple of years back. The Green Linnet - WordsworthArmed with many cups of tea, my painting supplies and my copy of Making Winter I am all set to make it to March unscathed by the claws of dreary dark days and the seemingly endless rain of this winter we are having. This book was sent to me for review and I love it – thanks, Emma! xDried winter flowers

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    January 28, 2018

    Looks fabulous will investigate.

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    February 1, 2018

    ohhhhhhhhhhh….very intrigued! :)