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Homestore HastingsHello and happy Monday to you, November is flying by, and last week was a whirlwind of fun, the lovely Chelsea of Frolic! came to visit, so we packed up the van and took mini trips to St Leonards, Hastings Old Town, Dungeness and Rye. Above, we took in the curated treasure trove that is A G Hendy’s Home store, and below we are messing about on the beach at Dungeness.Dungeness KentFleet Home Hastings Old TownThe other things that have been catching my eye this week are horses! We saw two lovely creatures on our way back from the station and this jolly painted one above was spotted in Fleet Home, a beautiful little shop that my friend Katy has just opened on The High Street in Hastings Old Town. Open this November and December.White horseA quick visit to Merchant and Mills in Rye also made for lots of happy sighs as we swooned at all the fabric and deliberated over linen tape.  Below are some gathered jewels from the weekend, a crystal from the Mystic gift shop in Dungeness, a couple of metres of linen tape and a delicate mimosa stem from Marcy at Bobo flowers.Merchant and Mills in Rye

  • heidi
    November 18, 2014

    That horse outside the shop is really cool.

  • happy harris
    November 20, 2014

    its lovely getting out in the fresh air…beautiful pictures as always Jeska x