Rose GardenWe were up early on Sunday, getting as many sunshine hours as we could with a walk in the dewy Alexandra Park Rose garden. Just in time for all the roses to be in full bloom, frilly, floppy, shabby, pinks, reds, sunburst orange with coral, a beautifully scented flower heaven. Rose GardenI love all the different varieties, traditional, cottage garden, vintage, some like you’d see on a 1970’s birthday card, some with so many blooms they looked like a huge bed you could flop right into, and not an earwig in sight, thank heavens! Rose GardenRose GardenRose GardenRose GardenIt was so peaceful, walking amongst them all, the occasional dog walker passing by, and faint sound of early morning tennis being played on the nearby courts. A simple relaxing moment before a day of DIY, more of that later, happy Monday x Rose GardenRose GardenRose Garden

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