Hand painted whaleMorning, just! It’s raining here so no need to water the plants today, but not wanting to sit still at 7am before work starts, we’re moving some furniture about. The living room renovation is soon to be started, (well when the rain comes back for good). So the extraordinary amount of furniture we seem to have gathered in one room must now be dispersed around the house. Hence – the sofa has now found itself in the office. If you are as crazy about furniture logistics and layout as I am then you will love – the new Unboxed community over at MADE.COM. If you have fallen in love with a piece from their online store but are unable to visit a showroom or can’t imagine how it will look in your home, then skip on over to Unboxed and enter the product name to view it in someone’s real home.Chair bedside table On my profile I am showcasing the Yoko Sofa Bed which has already come in very handy as a soft retreat from our uncomfortable office chairs, and it arrived just as all our vintage armchairs are being sent to the upholsterer for re-covering! Plus my dining chairs come bedside tables are also featured. If you are a MADE customer you can add your images to help fellow shoppers see how that awesome pendant light or cosy rug can look. Happy snooping!Embroidered wall artVintage stringHand written wall decal

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