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Ali Dover Wool BlanketIt has been just me and the two tiny tigers here for a couple of days while Dean is in Athens, shooting some photos for a mini city guide. We have been embracing the crisp November mornings and participating in a bit of slow living. Relaxing by the fire under this beautiful blanket that was a gift from our lovely friend and fellow shop owner – Ali, flipping pancakes, making huge pots of soup, watching movies and I have even planted some of my tulip bulbs. I am so excited for them to peep up out of the lawn next spring. They better be as beautiful as expected, after the backbreaking task of digging them in!Plants on tableSpiced apple pancakes The kitchen (almost finished) has been full of the scent of spiced apples stewing on the hob and jasmine tea brewing. While the office has been calm and zen filled as I am trying out the new incense we have over at the store for this autumn and winter. We are super excited to have six of P.F Candle co’s beautiful charcoal incense home fragrances in the shop, they smell amazing.Morning rituals - space cleansePlants on tableThe kitchen table is still out of action as it is now covered with our plant gang. They had to be moved away from the fire because it is just so toasty in the living room when the log burner is lit. Coastal walks in NovemberClifftop wanderings on the way home from the post office are my daily fresh air ritual and all that was green is now twiggy and brown.Crabapple in fruitAbove is another of my favourite sights from our village. At dusk, from a distance, this crabapple looks like a thousand tiny stars have been dropped from the sky down on to its branches. Below, the wildlife verge that has been left to go to seed outside the church, stems waving and scattering their sun-dried treasure for next years flowers.Wildlife verge November shelf stylingA seasonal colour change on our little wooden shelves is making the office feel cosy. Below, I have no idea what this plant is called, we planted it in our garden last year (lost the label) and this year it has just exploded into tiny blooms, I call it a butterfly bush. Out of the corner of your eye, it looks like hundreds of butterflies fluttering about in the breeze.P.F Candle Co Incense at The Future KeptThe cats have been sleeping most of the days as its so chilly, but they love to join me outside when I am doing something in the garden. Rolling around in the dust and chasing each other up and down the lawn. My little partners in crime. November readingNow it’s all about lining up some weekend reading so I can catch up on some travel and interior inspiration. The stacks get moved and rearranged and re-stacked and moved again before I ever settle down to read anything.Autumn windowsillWe have been so lucky to visit some amazing people and their wonderful gardens just lately. Whilst shooting some photos of the artist Clara Drummond near Cambridge, we had a lovely picnic outside as it was unusually warm. We felt so lucky to have had one last opportunity to sit on the grass and enjoy a meal in the sunshine, probably the last picnic of 2017. Then everything suddenly changed with the snap of Mother Nature’s fingers yesterday and as if by magic on the first of day of the new month we awoke to crisp air and that beautiful November light xSpiders web in the afternoon sun

  • JoannasCorner
    November 3, 2017

    The photography in this post is beautiful!! <3

  • Cathy Siegel
    November 5, 2017

    If I tell you the name of your mystery plant, will you send me a recycled wool throw from your shop?! No, I’m kidding. I’m saving my pennies to order one. The mystery plant is Gaura, and its common name is Whirling Butterflies (just as you described!). I have a couple of the white ones in my garden as well as a pink one called “Siskiyou Pink”. I’m not sure in your climate, but they are very drought tolerant and will volunteer in your yard if you let them go to seed.

    Love the way you write, and your photographs. Especially smitten with your tea shed and collection of geraniums (pelargoniums). Thank you!

  • lizzie smith
    November 8, 2017

    lovely photos! i love this time of year and the crisp, clear days xx

  • Nicole | Alfie's Studio
    November 11, 2017

    It’s interesting you say about the last picnic of the year, we seem to end up picnicking when snow can be scraped into an passable seat shape and hot chocolates are shared out. I’m not sure we’ve ever been to Snake Pass (usual winter picnic spot, mostly for its resemblance of Narnia) when there hasn’t been snow on the ground come to think of it. Almost like we don’t have time for it in summer because there is so much to do whilst the weather is great. Funny.

    That spiders web is just perfect, likewise all your images pretty much. x